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ON-DEMAND | Host: Charles Subrt, Joshua Linn, Annie C. Bai

Intelligent KYC: Can Compliance Drive Better Customer Experience?

In the digital-first world of fintech & banking, compliance teams can sometimes find themselves answering as much to growth and customer acquisition leaders as they do to their financial crime organizations — they need laser sharp accuracy in KYC and Watchlist tools without introducing more friction for customers or costly reviews for their operations teams. 

The solution to this challenge lies in the use of more data and advanced analytics for both KYC and Global Watchlist strategies, but these kinds of innovations may also raise concerns among regulators.

In this webinar, Aite Analyst Charles Subrt will present research from his recent AML innovation research and Socure Product Manager Joshua Linn will address what it takes to integrate more data and intelligence into KYC.

Topics will include: 

  • Transforming KYC strategies with data-driven analytics and machine learning
  • Can customer experience and acquisition rates make the case for KYC innovation?
  • Integrating identity fraud and KYC strategies
  • Regulator response to data-driven analytics and other innovation in KYC and Watchlist
  • KYC as the first step to assessing the holistic identity
  • Strategically applying KYC for a range of institutions, from traditional banks to fintechs
On-Demand | Host: Pablo Abreu, Johnny Ayers,Rivka Gewirtz Little

Identity Fraud by the Numbers: Covid-Era Data Reveals Rising Attacks Amid Market Turbulence

In the COVID-19 era, banks and fintechs face a sharp uptick in fraud attacks directly correlated to severe market retraction, radical unemployment rates and a spate of new vectors linked to relief programs.

In this webinar, join Socure’s Head Data Scientist Pablo Abreu and Co-Founder & SVP of Sales Johnny Ayers as they dig into fraud trend data from across a wide consortium of banks and fintechs, revealing attack patterns specific to financial service products and market segments.

Topics covered include: 

  • New-account fraud patterns by market segment, including card issuing and lending
  • Analysis of market drivers impacting fraud patterns, including stimulus bill scams
  • Risks associated with financial services product innovation
  • Opportunities in designing fraud strategies for a new era
On-Demand | Host: Richard Cooney, Evan Rabinowitz, Marc Billanti,Rivka Gewirtz Little

Lending Fraud is Upon Us: Lessons From the Stimulus Loan Frontlines

Early data shows an uptick in digital lending fraud. Banks and fintechs are racing to set up the infrastructure to handle an unprecedented volume of stimulus plan lending. Among the many concerns are ensuring identity verification and fraud prevention in uncharted territory. 

In this webinar, we will address identity, fraud and KYC compliance strategies to allow banks and fintechs to move as quickly and safely as possible to meet the urgent needs of small businesses.

We’ll also explore how lessons learned from PPP lending will forever impact digital loan practices.

On-Demand | Host: Tim Davis, John Mearls, Alex Faivusovich, Rivka Gewirtz Little

Challenger Banks Weigh In: Fraud, Growth, and Innovation in Turbulent Times

These are turbulent times, to say the least. As the nation copes with a pandemic, the financial fallout is already significant. 
Fintechs will need to continuously innovate to serve consumers with rich remote features and flexible, affordable services. Yet they could also find themselves managing an uptick in fraud attacks similar to trends that have occurred in previous times of financial crisis.
In this webinar, hear from leading challenger bank executives who share insights on: 
  • Fintech business models built for uncertain times
  • Preparing identity verification and fraud prevention strategy as agencies disburse stimulus and disaster recovery funds
  • Educating consumers and preparing internally for COVID-19 scams
  • Aligning fraud, growth, and innovation strategies 
On-Demand | Host: Annie C.Bai, Rivka Gewirtz Little, Gene Radin
CCPA Webinar with Socure

Will the California Privacy Laws Expose You to More Fraud? AI-Based Identity Verification as a Solution

In this webinar, Socure Privacy & Compliance Officer Annie Bai, Socure Product Director Gene Radin, and Socure VP of Marketing Rivka Little explore the demand CCPA places on identity verification and how leveraging advanced analytics and data science methods along with digital document verification can enable a safe road to CCPA compliance. 

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • What is the process of CCPA’s verified customer requests (VCR) – or is there one?
  • What are the consumer and business risks in complying with CCPA’s verified customer requests?
  • How AI-based digital identity verification enables safe CCPA compliance
  • Aligning fraud, growth, and innovation strategies
On-Demand  | Host: Pablo Abreu
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Webinar: Feature Engineering – The Magic Behind Great Machine Learning Outcomes

Feature Engineering is what separates good machine learning outcomes from great machine learning outcomes.  Part art and part science, feature engineering combines domain expertise with data science acumen to transform raw data into the variables that drive machine learning models.

In this second webinar in our six-part series, Socure’s VP Data Science, Pablo Abreu, discusses the methods used in feature engineering to go from raw data (discussed here Data Exploration - Improving the Foundation) to highly predictive features. More specifically, Pablo will share the approach Socure takes to build proprietary predictors to boost machine learning model performance.

In this webinar, Pablo will share:

  • General concepts and approaches to feature engineering
  • Typical challenges encountered with feature engineering
  • Several best practice approaches to consider to maximize success
  • Considerations for manual vs. automated approaches to feature engineering
On-Demand  | Host: Pablo Abreu
data exploration -1

Webinar: Data Exploration - Improving the Foundation

In this first of six webinars, Pablo starts at the beginning and discusses different methods for data exploration. As the goal of data science is to extract knowledge and insights from data, it makes sense that we start with data and explain the process used for the initial analysis of data.

In this on-demand webinar, Pablo shares:

  • General concepts and approaches to data exploration
  • Typical challenges encountered with data exploration
  • Several best practice approaches to consider to maximize success