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Socure - The Leader in Digital Identity Verification

The Leader in Digital Identity Verification

Socure is the gold standard for digital identity verification and identity fraud prevention. Founded in 2012, the company’s mission is to verify 100% of good identities in real-time and completely eliminate identity fraud on the internet.

Today, Socure has more than 2,400 customers including top financial institutions, government agencies, and leading enterprises across all industries.

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Driven by a Singular Vision

With over 550 employees across the world, Socure’s distributed workforce collaborates across time zones using the latest tools and technology.

Our rapidly growing team comes together for in-person meetings and events to build relationships, learn, and celebrate key milestones. A shared passion for innovation and excellence can be felt in everything that we do.

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Broad & Immediate Impact

Socure ID+ is the most inclusive identity verification platform available and is making a meaningful impact on how consumers of all ages and demographics access services and benefits on the internet.

Socure has enabled millions of people who are underbanked, credit-invisible, or otherwise excluded from commercial offerings and government programs due to inaccurate, outdated identity verification, to instantly access services and benefits online.

Our Leadership

Johnny Ayers

Founder & CEO

Pablo Abreu

Chief Product & Analytics Officer

Aaron Barfoot

Chief Financial Officer

Arun Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Aviad Levin

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Rivka Gewirtz Little

Chief of Staff

Katia Mar

SVP, Marketing

Teneka Polite

SVP, People and Experience

Stephen Rooney

SVP, Global Sales

Matthew Thompson

SVP, GM Government

Christian Woodward

Chief Revenue Officer

Eric Woodward

Senior Advisor

Over 2,400+ Top Companies Trust Socure

Socure’s graph-defined identity verification platform is the gold standard across industries and helps thousands of top enterprises drive millions of dollars in incremental revenue by onboarding more good consumers quickly, and safely.

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Our Investors

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Working At Socure

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Working at Socure means working with the best and brightest at the highest possible standard, reaching one’s potential, and creating meaningful impact on leading businesses and society as a whole. The culture at Socure is mission-driven and centered around innovation, winning, and customer obsession.

Read more about what it means to work at Socure on our career page.