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  • Fraud Identity Risk

    Fraud & Identity Risk

    Analyze every dimension of a consumer’s identity to capture up to 90% of fraud in the riskiest 3% of users at every customer touchpoint.
  • ID Verification

    Identity Verification & Compliance

    Achieve compliance with 98% frictionless auto-approvals with unmatched population coverage, real-time global watchlist screening, and continuous monitoring.
  • ID Doc V

    ID Document Verification

    Realize 95% auto decisioning vs. an industry standard of 80% by authenticating IDs, stopping spoofing attacks, and approving more good users on the first try.
  • account intel

    Account Intelligence

    Validate account status and ownership in real time for digital bank, credit union, and regional bank accounts, reducing fraud and payments return risk while boosting conversion and revenue.

2,400+ Top Organizations Trust Socure

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