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Socure has built the first solution to blend trusted online, offline, and social media data for real-time identity verification. The ID+ solution increases your confidence to differentiate between real consumers and fraudulent activity, reducing the need for manual reviews and lowering fraud.

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Increase current auto-accept rates by +30%

Reduce current fraud losses by +80%

Reduce manual review/KBA by +90%

Less than 20% of fraud capture results are false-positive

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An all-in-one solution that was built with adaptability in mind. Organizations of any size are able to meet regulations and enforce sanctions worldwide in a single source solution integrated with ID+ Digital Consumer Verification.

Streamline Identity Verification

Socure’s technology stack provides the confidence that your identity verification needs are met by a single vendor while strengthening your ability to accept more customers and detect fraud. By pulling from a wide variety of sources, a complete footprint of a consumer’s digital identity can be verified.

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Socure ID+ Solutions

Email, Phone, Address RiskScore

Comprehensive identity risk and correlation assessment related to email, phone, and address (validity, correlation, age, risk).


Determine the overall likelihood that an identity is fraudulent or being used in a fraudulent manner. Socure’s flagship FraudScore can be used out of the box or easily optimized for a best-in-class customer specific fraud solution.


Verify that all of the combinations of Name/Address/Phone/Email are correlated using the digital identity. NAP, NPE, NAE, NAPE in addition to name/address, name/email and name/phone correlation models.

Physical Document Authentication

This includes passport & drivers license verification and determines the likelihood that a government-issued ID is authentic.

KYC Field Verification

Verify First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, DOB, SSN correlation using GLBA, DPPA offline data with Yes/No verification of all key identity elements and red flag reason codes.

Global Watchlists for AML Compliance

Verify the validity of identities and meet regulatory requirements by checking sanctions and enforcement lists, as well as much deeper PEP, Adverse Media, and state-owned entities in the US.

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