Digital Identity Verification

Increase Acceptance ● Optimize Manual Reviews ● Reduce Fraud

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Predictive Analytics Platform

A patented platform for digital identity verification

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Digital Identity Verification from Socure

Trusted online intelligence--from email, phone, social media, device IP, etc.--combined with offline data from personally identifiable information--enables breakthrough fraud prediction and real-time authentication.

Socure is the first company to blend state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with innovative data science to build a comprehensive view of a digital identity. It bolsters KYC/CIP and AML compliance programs for enterprises in the US, and powers financial inclusion--verifying identities in over 180 countries--helping them to combat fraud, prevent account takeover and increase consumer acceptance.

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The Socure Social Biometrics™ Platform

A robust digital footprint has become a key predictor of fraud, with direct correlations between the legitimacy of an individual and other characteristics of email, phone, addresses, IP location and number of valid online profiles.

These alternative data points, built atop a base of online and social media data, have been proven to deliver greater fraud prediction capability.

Social Biometrics is a real-time set of APIs to validate a user at the point of new account opening or transaction. A simple RESTful call yields a rich response including an authenticity risk rating, fraud probability, online profiles found, associated risk factors and predictive correlations between these data points.

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Increase User Acceptance

Companies using Socure experience fewer false positives on legitimate accounts. These include people considered under- and un-banked, as well as many users in the key 18–35 age demographic — a segment comprising more than half of the global population.

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Know Your Customer Socially

Socure enables larger institutions to go beyond standard Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and procedures with the enhancement of social network information. Organizations using Socure can socially confirm customers and enhance non-repudiation for required identity verification programs, including OFAC and AML checks.

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Digital Identity Verification

Leading companies rely on Socure's highly accurate digital identity verification suite to accept more new customers while dramatically reducing fraud. Socure uses a proprietary artificial intelligence platform that analyzes vast quantities of online and offline data to determine if an identity is authentic and belongs to the user.  Socure's solutions easily integrate into existing workflows to instantly verify users through a simple API call. 

Accept More Customers


Assuring trust in digital identity is a cornerstone of any online interaction. Delivering financial inclusion to the under-banked or un-banked and empowering efficient transactions with millennials requires a new way of thinking. Socure helps our clients "say yes" to more good customers.

Socure has been proven to increase consumer acceptance by over 35% in new account openings, resulting in tremendous revenue enhancement for our clients.

Optimize Manual Reviews 


Performing detailed investigations for new account applications or outlying transactions can be an expensive part of digital business. Data breaches enable fraudsters to answer Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions better than authentic consumers. 

Socure has been proven to eliminate the need for KBA and reduce manual review by 90% with historically low false-positives rates.

Capture More Fraud


Preventing identity theft, first and third party fraud, and account takeover is increasingly challenging for organizations large and small.  The ongoing cadence of corporate data breaches has brought the average cost of obtaining fake personal information below $5. 

Socure has been proven to increase fraud capture by 50% and provide comprehensive KYC and AML compliance for verifying individuals in a global environment.


Socure enables the next-generation of identity verification by applying machine learning techniques with biometrics and data intelligence from email, phone, IP, social media and the broader internet. Enterprises that leverage the Socure ID+ product suite have reduced fraud rates, increased acceptance rates, and lowered compliance and manual review costs. 

Digital Identity Verification

ID+ from Socure uses a patented artificial intelligence platform for digital identity verification. The product leverages data already collected in the onboarding process to authenticate individuals in real-time.


Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance Add-On

KYC checks are available as an add-on to ID+. Additional Personally Identifiable Information (PII)--e.g. National ID, DOB, Driver's License Information--above what is used for the Digital Identity Verification check is compared against credit header-data for an authoritative compliance verification.


Global Watchlists for AML Compliance

Socure can be the single-source provider for verifying the validity of identities and ensuring your organization meets regulations by checking sanctions and enforcements lists, as well as much deeper PEP, Adverse Media, and state-owned entities in over 140 countries. 



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Socure offers a reporting and analytics management dashboard for clients to see their business's fraud footprint over the lifetime of their Socure services subscription.

Socure's innovative solution analyzes and scores your users to protect your business and your customers around the clock.


Socure is SOC 2 Compliant!

Socure is the first digital identity verification solution with a completed SOC 2 Type 2 report. This means that the systems and controls adhere to applicable trust services criteria that banks and other large financial institutions demand for regulatory compliance and governance requirements. Enterprises requiring this same level of compliance from their technology vendors can put their confidence in Socure.

Socure API services are only available via SSL-secured endpoints. Internally, we ensure non-repudiation and authorized access to our service. We employ best practice horizontal infrastructure scaling and API bandwidth shaping techniques to meet our SLAs. Services are hosted in managed data center environments with military-grade physical security and component isolation behind incremental firewalls and IDS/IPS services.  

Regular audits ensure compliance and optimal technical performance, while all sensitive information is stored using the strongest available encryption algorithms.

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