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Identify More Real People
in Real Time

Socure’s identity verification increases auto approval rates, reduces false positives and captures more fraud. In real time.


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Business Impact

Over 30% increase in KYC/CIP consumer acceptance
Up to 80% reductions in fraud through improved day zero prediction
As much as a 90% reduction in manual reviews

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Financial Institutions
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How fraudsters build synthetic identities to commit fraud

Posted by Jeff Scheidel on 17 January, 2020

One of the great joys of my life—besides my family and guitars and Canadian beer and history books and German beer and Breaking Bad reruns and Belgian beer—is horror movies. Especially old ones. I was always partial to the Universal monster flicks, with Lugosi and Carradine and the two Chaneys. But I think Boris Karloff, as Frankenstein’s monster, was always underrated. There is actually some good acting going on in his first two movies as the creature. He’s not just grunting and stomping around. There is true substance behind the makeup, the...
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