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Identify Real People in Real Time

Identity fraud is a serious and growing problem. Low auto approval rates unnecessarily increase costs and hurt your bottom line. To address these issues effectively, identification verification solutions must source live digital data and correlate thousands of online and offline data points for identity proofing that creates a true, holistic model of authentic customer identity.

Only Socure system gives you that power.
Trust our identification verification services.


Increase Auto Approval

With Socure's broader data coverage, you will see your auto approval rates soar to 85-92% vs just 60-65% with your legacy provider.


CAPTURE MORE Identity Fraud With Greater Efficiency

Socure’s identity verifier system consistently captures 80% of the fraud in the riskiest 2% of applicants at a 1:1 False Positive Rate (FPR) or better. Legacy solution providers capture only ~20% in the same population at a 6:1 FPR.

Answer four questions about your current identity verification system. We will show you the difference Socure's ID+ platform can make for you.

Our current ID verification provider is

Our main goal is to

We process applications per month.

Our average customer lifetime value (LTV) is dollars.

Our current Fraud Rate is %.

Per Year

Replacing Experian with Socure could add an additional 7.7 in customer lifetime value!

Replacing Experian with Socure could reduce your fraud losses by 7.7 per year!

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