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Boost Auto-Acceptance & Unlock Customer Growth




Auto Decisioning


Accuracy in Liveness Detection


Accuracy in Selfie-to-ID Photo Matching

The Future of ID Document Verification is Predictive.

Approve more good customers while eliminating fraudsters, with predictive risk scores and a holistic decision delivered in seconds.

Leverage Multidimensional & Layered Identity Assessment

Socure performs deeper document verification, liveness detection analysis, and identity resolution than any provider to deliver hyper-accurate results.

Image Capture

  • Face and Orientation Detection
  • Glare, Focus, and Blur Validation
  • Edge Detection & Cropping

Classification & Extraction

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Front-to-Back Data Correlation
  • Cross Checks on Thousands of Global IDs

Forensic Checks for ID Verification

  • Colorspace and Microprint Analysis
  • Paper Copy and Screen Detection
  • EXIF Meta Analysis
  • Headshot Integrity and Photo Splicing
  • Tampering and Forgeries
  • Holograms and Parallaxing

Biometric Verification

  • Selfie to ID Photo Match
  • Selfie Liveness Detection
  • Age Prediction

Predictive Analytics

  • Phone Risk
  • Device Risk
  • Address Risk
  • Sanctions Screening

1,000+ Top Companies Entrust Their Customers to Socure

Socure helps us onboard new customers quickly and scale faster than we could with other tools. The Socure solutions provide a unified, comprehensive view of a digital identity, not just on document authenticity and selfie matching, but for actual identity and risk-based decisions. We identified no other solutions that compare in terms of accuracy or insights.”


The Predictive DocV solution has been a tremendous boon for productivity and has enabled more efficient resource allocation. We saw our approval rate improve by 30%. We've driven down rejection rates considerably while simultaneously keeping out more applications that would increase the amount of fraud we encounter."


Solution Highlights

Increase The Likelihood A User Passes Security Checks With Well-Lit, Non-Blurry Images

  • Shaky hands and poor lighting make it difficult to capture a suitable ID photo and selfie
  • Easy-to-use image capture technology reduces friction by quickly guiding the user to snap a high-quality photo

Stop Spoofing Attacks With The Least Amount Of Friction

  • Latest NIST PAD L2-certified for liveness detection to stop spoofing attacks, which cannot be beaten by 3D printers, masks, or dolls
  • Robust algorithms to support enhanced facial biometrics that quickly match the selfie to the photo in the ID
  • No blinking or head turning required, and a single selfie fulfills both facial match and liveness detection

Block Evasive Behaviors, Bad Fraud Histories, Bot Attacks, And Anomalies

  • Predictive device intelligence checks for discrepancies between device and image metadata
  • Device attributes, like device ID, geolocation, carrier, and IP address, occur passively in the background with no impact to the user and feeds the observations into the DocV decision

Employ Address And Phone Risk Signals To Establish Identity Trust

  • Document-extracted address and SMS-captured phone numbers are checked against thousands of highly predictive signals from internal databases to determine risk
  • Phone and address attributes are correlated to the name on the ID to inform the DocV decision

Prevent Criminal Activity With High-Risk Individuals Using Global Watchlist

  • The name on the document is checked against Socure’s Global Watchlist to match the identity against a wide range of sanctions and enforcement lists
  • Corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism, and other prohibited activities can be assessed at account opening or with high-value transactions

Minimize Manual Reviews And Eliminate Latency Due To Volume Spikes

  • Scalable ML models are trained on nearly a billion “known good” and “known bad” identities and reinforced with third-party data from hundreds of sources
  • Computerized forensic analysis assesses for forgery and tampering and powers hundreds of validation checks on every document and biometric

Leverage Novel, Risk-Reducing AI Features And State-Of-The-Art Computer Vision

  • Adaptive computer vision technology automatically detects legitimate document forms, so other subject matter photos are blocked
  • Computer vision extracts PII, where the multidimensional image is turned into binary data for deep analysis
  • Industry-first age prediction capabilities against the document date of birth

Integrate Using Lightweight Mobile And Web SDKs

  • Lightweight, 5Mbs Mobile SDKs; available for iOS, Android, and React Native
  • Web SDK relies on a browser-based widget and initiates requests via SMS/email link, QR code scan, or from a call center dashboard

Apply No-Code Customizable Branding And Use Cases

  • Easy-to-tailor, configurable dashboard supports customized logos, specific use cases, risk tolerances, and more; 170+ customizable attributes for the Mobile SDKs