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Open source apps and generative AI tools make it easier than ever to create fraudulent documents and deepfakes

Socure is the industry’s first identity verification provider to offer a layered defense for document verification. By verifying ID, biometrics, PII, barcode, and device and behavior intelligence in a single platform, Socure accurately detects and prevents deepfakes, fake IDs, and stolen and fabricated identities from entering the digital economy, in under 1.5 seconds.

Socure’s Predictive DocV automatically verifies 95.7% of identities on the first try — targeting the attack, never the customer experience

Global Coverage
Global Document Coverage
Response in less than 2 seconds
Response in 1.5 seconds
Over 90% approval rate

Key Benefits

Catch sophisticated deep fakes and spoofing

Catch sophisticated deep fakes and spoofing

Predictive DocV is fueled by computer vision models that along with Level 2 NIST- PAD passive liveness detection actively catch sophisticated deepfakes and other spoofing attempts.

Minimize friction with good users

Minimize friction with good users

Socure integrates machine learning models to guide users through the collection of the selfie and ID document images. This integration provides an excellent user experience that maximizes growth and automation.

Make confident risk decisions

Make confident risk decisions

DocV delivers an automated response in 1.5 seconds, with real-time quality checks and shared intelligence from our robust customer base ensuring fewer resubmits and drastically lowering business costs.

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Revolutionizing ID document verification with Predictive DocV

Built with a superior capture experience, powerful forensic engine, and hyper accurate data extraction, Predictive Document Verification (DocV) 3.0 approves more good customers while eliminating bad actors in real time.

Predictive DocV drives higher revenue and reduces customer acquisition costs with the highest rates of first time success without inefficient manual reviews

AI-driven capabilities deliver a guided capture, enhanced facial biometric verification, and a response time of 1.5 seconds for the most efficient and accurate document verification solution in the industry.

defense-in-depth approach

Take a defense-in-depth approach

  • Move away from the industry’s outdated reliance on static document templates, rules engines, and manual review teams
  • Stop fraudsters with automated tools that target specific attacks such as the patented fake ID detection and deepfake models that are nearly impossible to get around individually, let alone when layered together

deliver enhanced biometric

Deliver enhanced biometric verification

  • Stop spoofing attacks through enhanced facial biometric verification with NIST PAD Level 2 certification for liveness detection, which cannot be beaten by using 3D printers, masks, or dolls
  • Detect selfie-to-headshot mismatch, age discrepancy, screen captures and more
  • Fulfill both facial match and liveness detection with a single selfie – no blinking or head turning required

increase customer conversions

Increase customer conversions

  • Guided capture experience delivers real-time image processing and accessibility features
  • Fewer than 4.3% resubmits and with an industry-leading response time of 1.5 seconds
  • Make confident risk decisions with real-time quality checks and reduce friction throughout the document verification process
ward off the most sophisticated digital identity fraud attempts

Ward off the most sophisticated digital identity fraud attempts

  • Prevent capture of deepfakes and fabricated images through DocV’s computer vision models
  • Make even more accurate decisions without bias, powered by Socure’s rigorous testing for gender and racial biases against demographic breakdowns
  • Avoid human error and clunky legacy technology with a fully automated, AI-driven solution

Forrester wave chart updated 2

Forrester Names Socure a Leader in IDV

Forrester Research, one of the largest and most influential B2B research and analyst firms in the world, named Socure a Leader in its inaugural Forrester Wave (™) Identity Verification Solutions Report, Q4 2022.

Ranked as the number one, best-in-class identity document verification solution according to Aite-Novarica Group, an advisory firm providing mission-critical insights on technology, regulations, strategy, and operations to banks and other financial services providers.

G2 Named Socure a Leader in Identity Verification

G2 Named Socure a Leader in Identity Verification

G2, one of the largest and most trusted software marketplaces with more than 90 million users annually—has recognized Socure as a leader in Identity Verification, for the second consecutive quarter.

Socure has received a total of 100 verified reviews on G2 with an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for its exceptional customer satisfaction rating, 90% recommendation rate, significant market presence, ease of use, ease of set-up, and quality of support.

Key Capabilities

document verificatio

Capture app with real-time guidance

Process images in real time with an end-to-end experience through a guided capture app, enabling less than 4.3% resubmits with a 1.5 second response time.

biometric verification

Patented fake ID detection

Extract hyper accurate data from OCRs, MRZs, and barcodes, powerful forensics, and innovative fraud models to accurately detect fake IDs and other sophisticated fraud attacks.

predictive risk signals

Predictive risk signals

Data from Socure’s identity graph and a database of more than 2 billion known outcomes feed our machine learning models to fully reveal an identity.

Biometric verification with NIST PAD Level 2 liveness

Biometric verification with NIST PAD Level 2 liveness

Prevent capture of deepfakes and fabricated images with NIST PAD Level 2 passive liveness detection paired with Socure’s computer vision models that detect age discrepancy, selfie-to-headshot mismatch, screen captures, and more.

Socure enabled us to completely eliminate our manual document verification process and reallocate 100 percent of our 15 team members to other strategic business functions. As a result, we experienced huge cost savings and an increase in the efficiency of our internal operations.

Jay Deuskar, Co-Founder and CTO, Prizepicks
The Predictive DocV solution has been a tremendous boon for productivity and has enabled more efficient resource allocation. We saw our approval rate improve by 30%. We've driven down rejection rates considerably while simultaneously keeping out more applications that would increase the amount of digital identity fraud we encounter.

Mark Kassardjian, Director of Operations, Betterment



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