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Hyper-accurate identity and document verification solution predicts risk and delivers a holistic decision in 10 seconds or less.











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The Next Generation of Identity Document Verification is Predictive

From Start to Finish, Multi-Dimensional Predictive Signals Inform ML-Driven Decisioning to Identify More Good Customers and Eliminate Fraudsters in Real-Time

Layered Risk Assessment, Document Authentication, and Liveness Detection

DocV performs deeper authenticity and liveness detection analysis better than any provider. Hundreds of validation checks are performed on every document and selfie, resulting in higher auto-decision rates and unrivaled risk insights.
Image Capture Image Capture

Image Capture

  • Face & Orientation Detection
  • Glare, Focus, and Blur Validation
  • Edge Detection & Cropping
  • Mobile & Web SDKs with Advanced Computer Vision Models
Classification & Extraction Classification & Extraction

Classification & Extraction

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Front to Back Correlation
  • Barcode & MRZ Data Extraction
  • Cross Checks on 3,500+ Global IDs
Document Authentication Document Authentication

Document Authentication

  • Forensic Checks
    • Colorspace Analysis
    • Microprint Analysis
    • Paper Copy Detection
    • Screen Detection
    • EXIF Meta Analysis
    • Headshot Integrity
    • Photo Splicing
    • Tampering
    • Holograms
    • Parallaxing
Biometric Verification Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification

  • Selfie to ID Photo Match
  • Selfie Liveness Detection
  • Age Prediction
  • Face Clustering to Alert List
Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Phone Risk
  • Device Risk
  • Address Risk
  • Sanctions Screening

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“Socure Predictive DocV helps us onboard new customers quickly and scale more rapidly than we could with other tools. It is the only solution providing a single, comprehensive view on the identity, not just on document authenticity and matching, but for actual risk and fraud decisions. No other solution compares in terms of accuracy or insights. With DocV, we gain confidence in knowing we are doing business with consumers that are who they say they are and won’t put our business at risk.” Alex Faivusovich, Fraud Prevention Manager, Lili

Solution Highlights

  • Easy-to-Use Image Capture Technology

    Well-lit, non-blurry images increase the likelihood a user passes security checks

    • Shaky hands and poor lighting make it difficult to capture a suitable ID photo and selfie
    • The intuitive image capture app reduces friction by quickly guiding the user to snap a high-quality photo
  • Latest NIST-certified Liveness Detection & Enhanced Facial Biometrics

    Stop spoofing attacks and deep fakes with the least amount of friction

    • NIST PAD L2-certified for liveness detection stops spoofing attacks
    • Robust algorithms power enhanced facial biometrics, which cannot be beaten by 3D printers, masks, or dolls, to quickly match the selfie to the photo in the ID
    • No blinking or head turning is required, and, unlike other providers, a single selfie fulfills both facial match and liveness detection
  • Highly-Predictive Device Intelligence

    Block evasive behaviors, bad fraud histories, bot attacks, and anomalies

    • Check for discrepancies between device and image metadata
    • Device attributes, including device ID, geolocation, carrier, and IP address, are passively captured and assessed in the background with no impact to the user
    • These device observations are incorporated into the DocV decision
  • Address and Phone Risk

    Employ risk signals to establish identity trust in seconds

    The address is extracted from the document utilizing computer vision and the phone number is captured when sending an SMS link to check against 6,000+ highly-predictive signals in Socure’s internal databases to determine risk and then to correlate address or phone to the name on the ID to inform the DocV decision

  • Global Watchlist

    Prevent criminal activity with high-risk individuals

    • Checks the name on the document against Socure’s Global Watchlist to match the identity against a wide range of sanctions and enforcement lists
    • Assesses for corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism, and other prohibited activities at account opening or with high-value transactions
  • Turbo-Charged Machine Learning Classification

    Minimize manual reviews and eliminate latency due to volume spikes

    • Scalable ML models trained on 530 million “known good” and “known bad” identities and reinforced with third-party data from more than 400 sources
    • Computerized forensic analysis assesses for forgery and tampering, to power hundreds of validation checks on every document and photograph
  • Proprietary Computer Vision

    Novel, risk-reducing AI features, including age prediction

    • Adaptive computer vision technology automatically detects legitimate document forms, so other subject matter photos are blocked
    • Computer vision extracts PII, where the multidimensional image is turned into binary data for deep analysis
    • Age prediction and face clustering with Alert List are industry firsts
  • Seamless SDK Integration

    Integrate mobile and web SDKs in one week, 3X faster than industry standard

    Mobile and Web SDKs

    Mobile SDK

    • Integrate image capture with advanced computer vision models into an existing app
    • Lightweight! Only 5Mbs
    • Available for iOS, Android, and React Native


    Web SDK

    • Easy to integrate using a browser-based widget and captureapp
    • Initiates requests via SMS/email link, QR code scan, or from acall center dashboard
  • No-Code Customizable Branding and Workflows

    Easy to tailor configurable dashboard, customize to your brand and workflows

    • Tailor for specific use cases, workflows, risk tolerances, or on a per transaction basis
    • Mobile dashboard features 170+ customizable attributes
    • Web dashboard features 100+ customizable attributes

Use Cases

User Onboarding
Age Verification
IDV Step-Up
Patriot Act Compliance
Application Prefill
Call Center Authentication
Account Authentication
High Value Transactions
Worker Onboarding
Mobile Check-In
Security Clearance
Identity Proofing

A Holistic Suite of Fraud and Compliance Solutions, Powered by the Industry-Leading Predictive Analytics Platform.

Gain a 360° customer view and digital identity trust.

When combined with Socure’s ID+ identity verification platform, businesses gain the power of a full suite of holistic fraud and compliance solutions to ensure identity trust at account origination and throughout the customer lifecycle.

All product modules are available through a single API.


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