Minimize friction by automating physical ID verification.

ID+ Document Verification provides additional authentication by correlating customer input data to the government-issued documents and verifies the ID photo to a selfie photo using facial recognition technology.

3,500 document types

180+ countries

A multi-dimensional approach to document verification.

What make's Socure's DocV the most scalable, user friendly, and accurate document verification service on the market? Learn more.

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  • Accelerate verification with advanced forensic analysis on the document, facial recognition and liveness checks, data input checks and PII correlation scores.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with low friction document and live photo capture, and automated decisioning in seconds.

  • Integrate document verification anywhere in your onboarding flow.

  • Deploy via SDKs for mobile and web, or API, enabling simple phone screen capture, security checks, and web-to-mobile handoff.

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