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As generative AI capabilities advance, producing convincing fake IDs and selfies has become easier and more accessible than ever before. These deepfakes are often indistinguishable to the human eye and can deceive traditional verification methods.


Fraudsters now possess the ability to exploit online verification systems at an unprecedented scale. Financial institutions and businesses once accustomed to tolerating a small number of fraudulent accounts now face a dramatically amplified threat.


In this inaugural fraud report, explore the latest document fraud techniques observed across industries, including:


• The most commonly used techniques to commit document-related fraud
• Impersonation targets — who gets verified the most, and why older demographics may be prime targets
• Top American states with the highest verification reject rates
• Surprising truths about address mismatches and fraud risk


Relying solely on traditional document verification is no longer sufficient. Uncover the multi-layered approach required to stay ahead of today’s evolving fraud landscape with our Socure Identity Risk Insights Report.

Download the report now!

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