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Defeat fraud with frictionless digital intelligence

Socure’s Digital Intelligence suite provides a comprehensive solution to verify user identities, detect fraud, and ensure a secure online environment. By combining advanced device intelligence, behavioral analytics, and robust entity profiling, Digital Intelligence delivers unparalleled visibility into digital interactions, empowering financial institutions to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Build trust across the entire customer journey

data-driven decision
Make informed, data-driven decisions that reduce manual effort.
balance robust security
Provide frictionless experiences that balance robust security with a seamless user journey.
Integrate Digital Intelligence
Integrate Digital Intelligence across your web and mobile channels through simple SDK implementation.
Unlock new revenue streams
Unlock new revenue streams and expand into additional markets across diverse use cases.

Key Benefits

Real-time intelligence

Real-time intelligence to prevent sophisticated attacks

Socure Digital Intelligence provides real-time data about devices, networks, connections, and historic user behavior to help address the most challenging fraud problems in account opening, account takeover, and transaction fraud.

Enhance fraud prevention

Enhance fraud prevention and compliance with digital intelligence

Device Intelligence offers rich data about the device, its network and connection, while Entity Profiler binds a device to digital identity.

diverse fraud scenarios

Adaptability to evolving threats

Digital Intelligence adapts to diverse fraud scenarios, ensuring resilience against emerging threats and unlocking new revenue streams.

Socure Digital Intelligence establishes trust in users during account origination and beyond.

Device Intelligence, Behavioral Analytics, and Entity Profiler work in tandem to continuously monitor and assess user interactions, help detect anomalies, and enhance identity proofing, ultimately ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for both financial institutions and their users.

Build trust across every customer touchpoint

Build trust across every customer touchpoint

Socure’s solution verifies device integrity for frictionless onboarding, establishes trust for one-time transaction authentication codes, and prevents unauthorized account changes via continuous device validation. Ongoing behavioral and device analytics also detect suspicious login activity to block attackers. By orchestrating layered signals across user devices, behavior, and environment, Socure cements trust from startup to transaction approval to account changes through a customer’s entire lifecycle.

deep device insights

Identity decisions become simple with deep device insights

Socure collects digital intelligence on devices and customer attributes to construct precise user profiles. This data powers Socure’s Entity Profiler to formulate robust identity profiles from initial engagement. Integration with Socure's Sigma machine learning models further enriches signals, increasing fraud prevention precision and enabling real-time decisions with enhanced efficiency. By unifying expansive profiles with intelligent automation, Socure delivers superior accuracy and rapid response against threats.

future-proof suite

Digital Intelligence aligns with Socure’s future-proof suite

The Digital Intelligence suite enables seamless integration with other Socure offerings, allowing for a layered defense against fraud. With REST API enabling accelerated deployment in under 2 hours, products easily unite to share intelligence insights. Frequent model updates moreover keep pace with the newest fraud vectors. By unifying Device Intelligence with an expanding solution ecosystem, Socure equips businesses to stay steps ahead of threat mutation, capturing emerging risks before they infiltrate environments and impact operations.

Key Capabilities

Device Intelligence

Device Intelligence

Gather granular device attributes, detailed history, velocity metrics, and risk indicators to identify compromised devices, proxies, VPNs, and more.

Entity Profiler

Entity Profiler

Create rich historical profiles at the PII element level, addressing device-to-identity linkage challenges and enhancing identity proofing processes.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Digital Intelligence into your existing infrastructure through a RESTful API interface and client-side SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Employ advanced algorithms to capture and analyze user behaviors, enabling swift detection of anomalies and potential fraud.


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