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When Socure set out on a mission to verify 100% of good identities in real time and completely eliminate digital identity fraud on the internet, we recognized that traditional methods wouldn’t cut it. Fraudsters were constantly honing their skills, so we found new ways to stay ahead. With our new Digital Intelligence Suite, we have a powerful way to predict fraud at onboarding.

Our Digital Intelligence Suite taps into three vital dimensions: device, behavioral and digital identity data. Using this historical footprint, we can expose suspicious patterns across customer touchpoints, building on our Identity Graph. Socure’s intelligent consortium digital identity graph uses advanced machine learning to analyze relationships between identity attributes and associated risk. Together with proprietary consortium intelligence, authoritative third-party data, behavioral intelligence, and advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), Socure provides an instant and near 100% accurate digital identity fraud decision, approving good customers in less than 150 milliseconds.

Taking a Consortium Approach for Full Visibility

Much of this data comes from consortium and feedback data from our customers. If we’ve seen a person apply successfully in one instance, we can use that baseline to determine if another attempt is suspicious. Companies that specify in one device signal, such as telecom usage data, don’t have the full picture; they are analyzing one tree rather than seeing the forest. Our Digital Intelligence Suite allows our customers to get full visibility into who’s entering their system.

  • Device Intelligence: By analyzing over 100 device attributes, Socure can identify compromised or emulated mobile devices that indicate high-risk attempts. Data points assessed include operating system, IP geolocation, network type, browser attributes and more. This guards against fraud rings using networks of spoofed devices.
  • Behavioral Analytics: When fraud attempts happen, they typically act differently than real humans. Behavioral Analytics detect anomalies in session activity, like completing an application in seconds, copy and pasting, or lack of scrolling and clicks. Forming a baseline of normal human web interactions allows us to spot signs of automation.
  • Entity Profiler: We built Entity Profiler to be the first machine learning solution to fuse digital footprints and session intelligence with authoritative data in a singular view of identity. By considering the recency, frequency, and context of historic transactions and behavior, this approach allows for a more dynamic and accurate assessment of digital identity and device ownership while adapting to new privacy standards. Socure can assert the digital identity of a consumer who has used similar PII, IP geo-location, mobile devices, operating systems, and browser languages over a span of multiple years and across varying institutions to create a unique and persistent device ID. We establish a baseline of normal behavior at the digital identity level across organizations, markets and geographies. Using this baseline, customers can be recognized even when device IDs change.

A 5% Lift in Identity Fraud Detection

The Digital Intelligence upgrade lifts Sigma’s identity fraud detection rate by over 5%. Ongoing enhancements will further improve performance over time. And the technology flexibly hardens security across all use cases — from new customer onboarding to account logins to high-value transfers subject to tighter scrutiny.

The ROI on such a tool can be enormous — in some cases as high as 15x by reducing fraud and false positives.

The Most Comprehensive View of Digital Identity

Identity fraud shows no signs of slowing, with identity imposters refining tactics and exploiting new attack vectors. Recently, fraudsters have resorted to using generative AI tools themselves to try and commit fraud. Socure’s multifaceted intelligence equips companies to transition to predictive, contextual security models. This balances robust protection with smooth customer experiences to fuel business growth.

With innovations like Digital Intelligence, Socure is pioneering a new generation of identity verification. The future lies in combining signals from all facets of digital life into a singular view of each digital identity, then using data science to establish predictive analytics based on these signals.

This data-driven approach is how companies can truly know their customers, manage risk intelligently, and gain an unparalleled edge against the fraudsters of today and tomorrow.

Learn more about the full Sigma Fraud suite here.

Sam Bouso

Sam Bouso is Senior Director of Product at Socure. Sam has over a decade of experience in building industry leading fraud prevention solution and overseas Socure's AI platform, Feedback Systems, and Digital Intelligence Suite.