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Numbers Tell The Tale Of Identity Verification

Posted by Jeff Scheidel on Aug 13, 2019

I’m old. The evidence? Well, I still remember when Netscape was actually selling its browser. That’s right, browsers had a price tag. Netscape sold a web server as well. And a web page WYSIWYG editor. Hard to believe now.

Identity verification, Machine Learning

How Machine Learning is Reinventing Identity Verification

Posted by Peter Curtis on Aug 5, 2019

It’s a familiar story. You go online to apply for a loan or open an account with a financial institution only to encounter barrier after barrier:

Trends, Financial Services, Manual Review

Evolution of the Digital Banking Customer

Posted by Jamie Verdi on Jul 22, 2019

Ten years ago, I started my career in “digital account opening”. I was working for a growing start-up that focused on helping banks and credit unions offer customers the ability to open deposit accounts online. 

NIST Cybersecurity, HITTRUST

Socure and HITRUST

Posted by Mike Sleap on Apr 18, 2019

Since announcing Socure’s HITRUST certification, we’ve received several inquiries regarding the reasons we pursued it, the difficulty we had obtaining it, and what we’re going to do with it. All good questions. We’ll do our best to address the top inquiries below.

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