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Identity fraud prevention starts here

From account opening onward, Sigma Identity Fraud provides high-assurance trust and detects digital identity fraud across the customer lifecycle.

Key Benefits

Auto approve more than 95% of applicants

Auto-approve more than 95% of applicants

By delivering the highest degree of classification accuracy in the industry, Socure reduces manual reviews to less than 5%.

Open more good accounts

Open more good accounts

Delivering near 100% accurate identity fraud decisions and reduced manuals reviews allows you to verify the largest number of good customers — all while reducing fraud losses.

Reduce fraud losses

Reduce fraud losses

Socure’s approach to data science enables flexible machine learning model development on the largest identity graph and set of performance feedback data in the industry. Socure’s consortium network of 2,400+ customers, combined with 400+ global data sources and advanced device behavioral analytics, provides a dynamic 360-degree view of an identity.

One solution to solve for identity fraud

One solution to solve for identity fraud

Sigma Identity is part of the industry’s first fully integrated, in-house fraud solution suite, replacing cumbersome point solutions.

Sigma Identity Fraud ROI

Reduce manual reviews to <5%

Compared to the industry average of 10-15%, Socure customers can reduce manual reviews to under 5% — freeing up resources and onboarding new users faster.

20x return on investment

Socure customers can expect a 20x return on investment driven by increased revenue through near zero ID fraud losses and reductions in false positives and manual reviews.

2,400+ Top Enterprises Trust Socure


of the top 5 banks


of the largest fintechs


of the top 10 credit card issuers


of the top MSBs

Technology Highlights

1 Comprehensive Identity Atlas

360-Degree Identity Atlas view

  • From personal identifiable information (PII) to digital intelligence and behavioral analytics, Socure's unique approach goes beyond traditional snapshots.
  • The Identity Atlas traces a consumer’s behavior from their earliest engagements in the financial ecosystem to the current risk decision.

Digital Intelligence Entity Profiler

Entity Profiler

  • Entity Profiler transcends standard identity verification, merging digital footprints — such as geo-location and browser languages — with authoritative digital identity data to construct a comprehensive view of identity.
  • By considering the recency, frequency, and context of historic verifications, organizations gain a more dynamic and accurate assessment of digital identity.

Consortium feedback data

Consortium feedback data

  • Trained with feedback data from the industry’s leading consortium network — over 2,400 diverse customers —  Sigma Identity delivers precise fraud models and improves your fraud program. 
  • Built with 400+ global data sources, to provide the most comprehensive view of identity. 

Risk profiles and velocity patterns

Risk profiles and velocity patterns

  • Assess the ever-changing riskiness of dozens of characteristics such as email domains, ISPs, phone carriers, IP country, and browser versions.
  • Socure tracks atypical attribute patterns across our network that could be indicative of fraud from sources such as SSNs, phone numbers, emails, and more.

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