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A transformative demographic shift is on the horizon for the United States. As baby boomers age and millennials establish themselves with their preferred financial services providers, new consumer populations — especially Gen Z and new-to-country individuals — are growing rapidly.


But as these populations attempt to use the financial system to build their lives — from applying for a car loan to getting approved for a new apartment to signing up for government benefits — they too often find themselves locked out of the modern economy.


Socure commissioned a study to understand the experiences of these populations to gain insight into their struggle to verify their identities online.


Download the report now to learn why:


  • Over half of Gen Z (54%) and immigrants (51%) have experienced difficulties with identity verification.
  • Even Gen Z and immigrants with a credit score have had to go in-person multiple times to provide documentation to verify their identity (59%).
  • Gen Z and immigrants believe the banking system does not want them as a customer.


Download the report now to understand the key demographics of 21st century America.

Download the report now!

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