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Solution Highlights

Prevent Synthetic ID Fraud

Prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud

Stop bad actors, bolster your CIP process, and reduce the risk of regulatory penalties or fines by verifying consumer PII with the issuing authority.

eCBSV provides additional authoritative positive or negative signals to make confident decisions on higher risk consumers.

Promote financial inclusion

Promote Financial Inclusion

Grow your business while ensuring inclusive access to all. 

Verify the identity of 6-8% more populations with limited or no credit history, reducing disparate impact to Gen Z, new-to-country and other vulnerable consumers.

Cost efficient

Cost Efficient

Automate exception processes, reduce manual reviews, and replace cumbersome SSA-89 paper forms.

eCBSV is fully integrated into the ID+ platform with optimized workflows for accuracy, coverage, scale, and cost-savings through our high-volume of transactions.

Minimal consumer input PII required

Minimal Consumer-Input PII Required

eCBSV can be layered into your onboarding process without adding additional friction.

Only name, SSN, and DOB are required to utilize eCBSV for extra assurance when necessary.

Additional context for mismatches

Additional Context for Mismatches

Consumer PII that doesn’t match the records at the issuing authority are returned as unverified, without a reason why.

Socure can help uncover the reasons for unverified eCBSV results including marital name changes, typos and miskeys - expediting the next steps in the decisioning process.

Why Socure?

eCBSV is fully integrated into Socure’s ID+ platform, which leverages consortium intelligence from our identity verification products to produce best-in-class CIP compliance and suspected synthetic identity detection, all within a single API.

streamlined implementation
Streamlined Implementation

Eliminate the need for multiple point solutions, API integrations and hassle of direct coding to the issuing authority

manage operational costs
Manage Operational Costs

Avoid the high annual use-it-or-lose-it prepaid expense of direct coding with Socure’s scale enabling low transaction costs

instant response time 1
Instant Response Time

<150ms verification result from the eCBSV service avoids additional consumer friction

enhanced data security 1
Enhanced Data Security

End-to-end encryption of consumer PII between Socure and the issuing authority

Applicable Use Cases

Mitigate suspected

Mitigate suspected synthetic identity fraud with source of truth data

Strengthen CIP

Strengthen CIP regulatory compliance

Approve more hard to verify

Approve more hard-to-verify consumers with limited credit history

Replacement for manual

Replacement for manual processing of SSA-89 forms

Automate exception processes 1

Automate exception processes, reduce manual review

Confirmation of deceased status

Confirmation of deceased status from death master file

How It Works

eCBSV integrates seamlessly into your onboarding workflow as an additional authoritative signal for decisioning. Customize when it is utilized based on your organization’s risk parameters, or choose to verify every transaction.

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