Sigma Synthetic provides a model trained exclusively to predict synthetic identities.

Sigma Synthetic is purpose-built and trained with consortium data from our largest financial institutions to tackle targeted fake, randomized and synthetic patterns to produce highly accurate real-time actionable reason codes and risk scores.

97.3% Area Under the ROC Curve

90% Auto-Capture in the
Riskiest 3% of Users

Superior protection against synthetic identity fraud.

Utilizing sophisticated machine learning models and trained with consortium data from across the industry, Socure's Sigma Synthetic pinpoints synthetic fraud patterns to accurately identify risk - within milliseconds.

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  • Header, Utility, Telco, Energy and Public Records data power Socure’s real-time identity verification and risk detection.

  • Innovative unsupervised clustering techniques to determine well-labeled synthetics vs not utilizing Socure’s proprietary network of performance data.

  • Network consortium feedback constantly improves model training and management of emerging threats across various industries and channels.

  • Innovative graph-based techniques extracting topological, velocity and PII interaction features.

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