The Socure Difference

Business Advantage

  • Decrease fraud by up to 80%
  • Automatically verify up to 95% of new customers during onboarding for KYC/CIP compliance
  • Reduce the need for large manual review teams
  • Reduce the time and cost of manual review by focusing on only the highest of risks

Technology Advantage

  • Integrate Socure Restful APIs in less than a few hours with just two lines of code
  • Simple and easy to use Restful APIs
  • Intuitive and user-friendly manual review dashboards that are also consumable by API
  • Real-time searching and predictions
  • Data intelligence across all digital mediums:
    e-mail, phone, online/social and IP

Socure offers partners technical and implementation assistance, as well as support with co-marketing, communications and public relations.

The Socure Partners

The Socure Predictive Analytics Platform integrates seamlessly into partner solutions and helps software, consulting, and financial firms around the world enrich their applications with unparalleled authentication and predictive capabilities.


Creating new revenue streams with value-added customer solutions that leverage Socure expertise.


Enhancing current applications to give customers access to online data from Socure; batch and fraud analytics solutions developed into existing products.

Integration Partners

Recommending, implementing and integrating best-of-breed data solutions into strategic initiatives.

General Partnership Inquiries (aka Sponsor Banks)

Providing technology solutions that complement data and analytics solutions from Socure.

The Socure Partner Program supports partners across industry segments

Socure’s industry-leading identity verification and fraud prevention products are proven to be highly effective, scalable and accurate. Socure helps our strategic partners markedly increase customer retention and new customer acquisition.

Financial Services

  • Retail Banking
  • Issuing Banking
  • Remittance/MSB
  • Consumer & Merchant
  • Lending Payments
  • Crypto
  • Savings & Loan
  • Auto Finance
  • Retail Brokerage
  • Buy Now, Pay Later


  • Merchant Acquirers
  • Retail/Online Merchants


  • Online Gaming
  • Telco
  • Healthcare
  • Payroll Providers
  • Cable 
  • Insurance

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