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Equity is Central to Socure’s Mission

We help you reach segments of the population online that are underserved by legacy solutions.

Americans Without Credit History

20% of Americans have “thin” credit files and are invisible to legacy solutions that rely on credit data alone

Those Most in Need

Americans most in need are the most underserved by legacy solutions that cause burdensome experiences accessing online services

Americans Without IDs

Many legacy solutions only effectively serve Americans with government IDs, leaving a population deprived of needed benefits (some studies found that 11% of Americans lack these IDs)

Fully Automated Approach to Accurate Identity Verification

Socure’s unique ID+ platform is the only solution that analyzes and correlates every facet of an individual’s digital identity. We combine advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, robust analytics, and unrivaled data coverage to accurately verify individual identities and detect fraudulent ones.

Improved Results Over Your Legacy System


Auto-verify up to 98% for all ages and demographics


Up to 13x reduction in false positives due to increased accuracy

Improve Approvals, Reduce Fraud, Quickly Implement

Fast Implementation

Low code integration for online, call centers, & in-person (kiosks)

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce customer complaints & wait times with results in as little as 400 milliseconds

Bias-driven Friction

Minimize impediments for those in need with expansive data coverage and machine learning that overcome bias in legacy solutions.


Reduce costly manual reviews by up to 90% with instant decisions

Trusted Across Governments


Agencies in the State of Florida

Agencies in the State of California

Agencies in the State of New York


Outreach Solutions as a Service LLC (OSaaS)

Equifax Inc.

Public Consulting Group

Serving Federal and State Agencies to Safeguard Resources

Citizen & Public Services

Centralized Portals

Financial Services

Retirement Systems
Taxes & Revenue

Employment and Workforce

Unemployment Insurance Claims
Paycheck Protection

Economic Funding

Housing Assistant Funds
Rental Assistance & Relief
Emergency Bridge Loans
Revolving Loan Funds
Small Business Credit Initiatives
Small Business Loans


Motor Vehicles (DMV)
REAL ID Pre-enrollment
Terminal Check-in

Health & Human Services

Medicaid & Medicare
Patient Intaket
Online Prescriptions
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP)
Temprary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Improve Security and Accelerate Service Delivery

Security Compliant

Certified NIST IAL2, SOC 2 Type 2, & ISO 27001, 27017, 27018


Available via a single RESTful API; 100% cloud-based SaaS product

Single Solution

Includes risk profiles & scoring factors to eliminate ineffective KBA or disparate vendor products

End-to-end Automation

Deep feature engineering with predictive identity features & fuzzy matching algorithms