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The identity verification process begins with a trigger sent to the end user. With Socure’s web SDK, this can be automated or manually pushed through a generated link, QR code or SMS. In this case, the user is redirected via an SMS link that is sent to their mobile phone. Users review and accept consent to begin the automated verification flow.

DocV minimizes user friction in having to resubmit or wait for results by guiding the user through the entire identity verification process. First, the user captures the front of the ID. Socure’s capture app provides real time on device quality checks during the image capture process to increase the chance of a high quality image being captured. Along with this, these images are validated on the server for image quality, document type and accuracy. This ensures that the document can be validated with confidence on the first try and that the user is not repeating the whole process because of a small error.

Next, the user captures the back of that ID where we again provide a real-time, on-device quality check. In this case, barcode detection. Once the barcode is detected, the image is automatically captured. Finally, the user takes a guided selfie for biometric facial matching to the ID photo, as well as the passive liveness check using a single frame capture.

Notice the four corners of the capture box turn green to indicate to the user that their face is properly positioned for capture. In under 2 seconds, the user receives confirmation of their submission and their results are instantly shown on the admin dashboard.

Not only are we able to validate an identity document and selfie with confidence, Socure’s holistic solution provides businesses the ability to layer on Socure fraud modules such as phone risk and correlation and device risk, all this without exposing additional friction to the user.