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Legacy compliance solutions expose your organization to risk

Today’s complex and dynamic regulatory environment increases your organization’s exposure to compliance penalties, with a minimum of 5% of consumers incorrectly classified as good customers.

Precise identity resolution of nearly any consumer

99% verification of mainstream populations
Gen Z
94% verification of Gen Z consumers
Realize up to 10x ROI
40% reduction 
in manual reviews

The new standard for compliance professionals

diverse authoritarian sources

Market-leading data coverage

  • 400+ diversified authoritative data sources for the most complete view of consumers and identity risk
  • Unmatched verification of Gen Z and new-to-country consumers
  • Assured decisions with proprietary cross-industry feedback data of billions of known good and bad transaction outcomes

Promote financial inclusion

Precise and accurate identity verification

  • Automated decisioning and vast reduction in false positives/negatives with proprietary machine learning
  • Intelligent risk assessment from contextual information such as addresses, transaction history, and relationship networks
  • Minimum impact in ethnic, racial, age, and socioeconomic bias present in legacy identity verification solutions

uninterrupt sanctions orange

Uninterrupted sanctions compliance

  • Continuous compliance with real-time alerts for any shifts in customer status that require immediate attention
  • OFAC and sanctions updates every 15 minutes
  • Daily PEP and adverse media updates

world class tools

World-class tools to efficiently manage your business

  • Real-time risk parameter adjustment and no-code configuration of customer decision flows through a simple UI
  • Streamlined case management to reduce manual review time, expense, and dispositioning
  • Confident audit response with interactive reports, data, and visualizations that satisfy regulators

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It’s time for a new approach

As regulations and financial crime continue to evolve, organizations must stay agile and leverage the latest technology to remain compliant. Socure delivers the new gold standard for end-to-end compliance, for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Orchestrated customer verification, compliance risk assessment, and decisioning delivered via a single API

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Socure Verify

Non-documentary Customer Identification Program (CIP) verification delivers confident identification of high vs. low risk customers for precise extraction of risk layers without impacting good customers.

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Global Watchlist Screening with Monitoring

Hyper-accurate watchlist screening with automated monitoring and real-time alerts ensures uninterrupted compliance with sanctions enforcement. Automated case management streamlines review of identified risks for rapid dispositioning.

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Additional assurances for high-risk customers mitigate potential disparities, reinforce CIP/KYC compliance, and counter synthetic fraud through thorough validation of name, SSN, and DOB with the issuing authority.

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Predictive DocV

Instant verification of government-issued IDs using document forensics and facial biometrics to satisfy CIP document verification requirements, or for additional assurance use cases.

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An innovative, no code hosted customer decision platform that aligns policy with process, provides demonstrable controls, stimulates proposed logic changes with real customer data, and automates the customer decisioning process.

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Portfolio Scrub

Portfolio Scrub

Fraud and compliance risk assessment within existing accounts that bolsters KYC/CDD processes and catches synthetic identities, third-party fraud, and account takeover fraud to maintain accurate customer records for reporting and escheatment requirements.

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Winner Badge AML 1

Datos Insights 2023 AML Impact Award Winner

Best Know Your Customer/Business Innovation

Recognized for innovation in accurate, inclusive identity verification of hard-to-identify populations including Gen Z, new-to-country, credit-invisible, and thin-file.



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