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Visibility gaps expose your organization to regulatory risk

The lack of automation in policy enforcement, transaction monitoring, and issue investigation is a ticking time bomb for sponsor banks. Fragmented compliance and fraud data leave dangerous blindspots that put banks at risk of massive fines and irreparable damage to their reputation. Without immediate intervention to streamline oversight and gain a comprehensive view of risk, the consequences could be severe.

Responsibly scale your BaaS business with an all-in-one fraud and compliance solution for complete oversight of your banking partners. Socure powers 90% of the sponsor bank market and 400+ fintechs.

Key Benefits

visibility across your entire portfolio

Gain visibility across your entire portfolio

Clear and concise dashboard overview of partner programs, trends, and decision outcomes for at-a-glance insights.

enhance compliance

Enhance compliance operations

By automating exception processes and reducing labor-intensive manual reviews by up to 40%, your organization can scale its risk management program.

accelerate growth

Accelerate growth

Power your financial institution’s growth by consistently applying organizational policies, and know that every bank partner is in adherence with regulatory requirements and organizational scorecards.

The end-to-end solution for sponsor banks

Socure offers a complete compliance solution, encompassing identity verification, fraud prevention, watchlist screening, customer decisioning, and bank partner management, all accessible through a single, seamless API.

Real time risk identification across your portfolio

Real-time risk identification across your portfolio

Gain immediate access to all of your programs' compliance KPIs through a unified dashboard, providing real-time insights into metrics such as fraud rates, CIP KYC approvals, watchlist screening case closures, and more. Effortlessly monitor performance, set up alerts, and proactively identify and address issues throughout your entire portfolio.

complete oversight of bank partners

Complete oversight of bank partners

Socure's user-friendly no-code controls interface allows you to effortlessly create and enforce decision logic for all your programs or just specific ones. Streamline the process of updating policies, run simulations with historical customer data to gauge their impact, implement new monitoring rules, and enforce compliance across bank partners.

collaborative high rsk transaction management

Collaborative high-risk transaction management

Collaborate directly with bank partners to effectively handle high-risk transactions and promptly escalate any issues. Through automated workflows and AI-driven insights, institutions can enhance compliance operations by automating exception processes and reducing labor-intensive manual reviews by up to 40%.

transparent change control process

Transparent change control process

Requests from your bank partners are fully documented, providing a transparent view of the proposed changes, their implications on decision logic, and the option to accept or reject each modification independently. This optimized process means bank partners are held accountable, and concerns are addressed promptly.

Key Capabilities

precise identity resolution

Precise identity resolution

Trust the accuracy of your identity resolution, with 99% identity verification of mainstream populations covered, including 94% coverage of harder-to-verify consumers like Gen Z.

automated customer onboarding

Automated customer onboarding

Scale CIP KYC compliance operations with advanced automation for approval and exception processes.

streamlined case management

Streamlined case management

Collaborate with programs for rapid dispositioning of high-risk transactions and transparent decisioning.

regulatory audit reporting

Regulatory audit reporting

Document customer decision and logic changes to facilitate seamless audits, complete with rationale for future review.


As a FinTech sponsor bank, the product support and expertise provided by Socure has been invaluable. Not only are we getting a market-leading product, but we have a team that provides fast feedback, timely updates, and direct support for existing and new clients.

Matthew Work
Matthew Work
VP, Fraud and Identity Policy and Strategy at MVB Financial Corp


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