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Reduce Payment Risk with Socure, a Nacha Preferred Partner

Nacha, the ACH governing body, recognizes Socure as a Preferred Partner in the categories of both Risk & Fraud Prevention as well as Compliance, identifying Socure as a leading vendor offering innovative and strategic solutions to the ACH network.

Consumer expectations and regulatory changes now require real-time validation of payment accounts to mitigate the fraud risk inherent in ACH payments and to provide the best possible customer experience.

Socure is tackling this challenge with the Socure Account Intelligence. The product instantly verifies domestic bank account status and ownership, prior to initiating funds transfer or funds disbursement.

Only the consumer or business name as well as the bank account and routing numbers are needed for this real-time service that establishes trust between accounts and supports regulatory compliance.

Two Real-Time Account Validation Solutions, Integrated into Socure's ID+ Platform

Solution Benefits

Convert More Good Customers

Automate bank account verification to reduce manual processes, friction, and customer abandonment.

Decrease Returned Payments

Accurately and quickly confirm that an account is open and verify its owner, limiting returns from closed and unauthorized accounts.

Support Nacha Operating Rules

Align with Nacha WEB Debit Operating Rules for account validation prior to payment transactions, and deliver a seamless customer experience, without the need to take on FCRA requirements.

Improve the Customer Experience

Expedite account validation and ensure payments are received in a timely manner.

Go with the Market Leader

Trusted by 1,000+ top enterprises, including 4 of the top 5 banks, 250+ of the largest fintechs, and more.

Use Cases

New Account Funding

Funds Transfer Between Existing Accounts

Government Benefit Disbursements

Loan Repayments

Payroll Direct Deposit

Merchant & Peer-to-Peer Payments

Insurance Payouts

Bill Payments

Why Socure?

Socure Account Intelligence uniquely accesses multiple, complimentary data sources in combination with a proprietary data network to provide industry-leading coverage of consumer and business bank accounts.

Robust Fraud Suite

Integrated into Socure’s ID+ platform, eliminating the need for singlepoint solutions and multiple API integrations.


Delivers real-time results, as opposed to competing micro-deposit solutions, which can take days, resulting in significant consumer drop-off.

Minimal Inputs

Works with just the account number, routing number and name, as opposed to competing credential-based solutions, which require sensitive information, such as account usernames and passwords.

Data Driven Consortium

Leverages the breadth of Socure’s identity data to discover behavioral anomalies across the financial ecosystem, resulting in best-in-class accuracy.

1,000+ Top Enterprises Trust Socure


of the top 5 banks


of the top 10 credit
card issuers


top fintechs


of the top 5 MSBs

"Integrating Socure’s technology has meaningfully increased our accuracy in identifying fraud, resulting in a reduction in customer friction while also preventing additional fraud.”
Sarah Strauss, SVP, Head of Fraud & Servicing Strategy, Capital One
"Socure helps us onboard new customers quickly and scale faster than we could with other tools. We identified no other solutions that compared in terms of accuracy or insights.”
John Mearls, Head of Risk & Operations, Lili