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Responsible growth with regulatory oversight and demonstrable controls

Rapid Bank Partner Launch
Rapid Bank Partner Launch

Hosted decision logic eliminates the need for IT resources and expense, resulting in faster market launches.

Best in Class Verification
Best-in-Class Verification

Confidently onboard hard-to-verify fintech consumers including Gen Z, millennials, new-to-country, and more.

Demonstrate Controls to Regulators
Demonstrate Controls to Regulators

No code controls interface helps ensure individual bank partner adherence to policy using a clear scorecard interface.

Transparency Across Bank Partners
Transparency Across Bank Partners

Clear transparency to risk and results across all bank partners, and streamlined audit and holistic reporting at portfolio level.

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"As a FinTech sponsor bank the product support and expertise provided by Socure has been invaluable. Not only are we getting a market leading product but we have a team that provides fast feedback, timely updates, and direct support for existing and new clients."

- Matthew Work, Sr. Director Fraud Policy & Strategy MVB
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“Our regulators love the Socure scorecards.”

- Compliance Lead, Top US Sponsor Bank
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“Socure really understands the needs of sponsor banks, makes it easy, and gives us the transparency we never had before.”

- BSA Officer, Top US Sponsor Bank

The Socure Advantage

Socure’s natively orchestrated ID+ platform uses every element of identity and leverages advanced AI and machine learning to maximize accuracy, reduce false positives, and eliminate the need for disparate products.

Reduce manual reviews and knowledge-based authentication
Reduce manual review and knowledge-based authentication by up to >50%
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Increase current pass rates by up to >30-60%
Reason code insights
Reduce current fraud losses by up to 35-40%
A top fintech category disruptor improved approval rates up to 30%, while enabling more efficient resource allocation, and simultaneously deterring fraudsters.