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There’s never been a more challenging time to be a compliance professional. With increased regulatory scrutiny, the risk of non-compliance loom large. Cease and desist orders can halt operations and impose substantial fines, with remediation costs often soaring up to 12X the initial penalty. The resulting long term reputational damage can tarnish the organization’s standing, leading to loss of new business and sending stock values spiraling downward.

Compliance isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about safeguarding the future of your organization. Existing watchlist solutions generate noise, relying heavily on manual processes, resulting in risk and operational inefficiencies that could lead to non-compliance.

Introducing Socure’s Global Watchlist Screening with Monitoring, a turnkey sanctions compliance solution with access to thousands of global regulatory lists layered with additional risk assessment such as PEP and adverse media for the most robust assurance available. Socure delivers a new standard of precision and accuracy that is 20% more accurate than traditional approaches through an industry first two-stage scoring system.

Stage one provides a meticulous name match score that outperforms legacy solutions. Through a proprietary name matching algorithm, stage two creates an entity correlation score, leveraging machine learning to assess each PII element, ensuring a match is the same person. Today’s sanctions landscape demands continuous customer monitoring.

Socure delivers real-time status updates and alerts, empowering prompt responses and necessary actions, eliminating periodic rescreening inefficiencies and risk of non-compliance. Through effortless case management, Socure powers a 75% reduction in manual review time, reducing the industry average of 10 minutes to just 2 and a half minutes.

Automatically generate and prioritize the most critical cases from a customizable all-in-one tool for rapid analyst disposition with audit-ready documentation. As regulatory challenges rapidly evolve, having an accurate answer is critical to mitigate risk exposure. Get on the path to competent compliance. Visit to learn more.