Socure Global Watchlist Screening with Monitoring.

Socure’s sophisticated matching algorithms, proprietary data, and true continuous monitoring deliver industry-leading accuracy and uninterrupted compliance with AML and KYC regulations. Customizable date of birth thresholds, unique HIDTA and HIFCA lists, and the ability to resolve to an individual by pairing with other Socure KYC datasets deliver best-in-class results.

Save On Average$1M Annually By Reducing Manual Review

Up to50X ROI in re-screens vs. legacy solutions

Up to95% reduction in false positives

  • Improve operational efficiencies with queries limited to lists specifically relevant to your business requirements and risk posture.

  • Auto-approve more good customers with fewer false positives, and significantly reduce manual reviews.

  • Receive automated push notifications when customer status changes to keep compliance controls up-to-date.

  • Select from three service levels to customize your coverage for OFAC, SDN, FinCen, 1100+ global sanctions and enforcement lists, 10k+ PEP, 10M+ adverse media, and more.

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