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Legacy watchlist solutions expose your business to compliance risk

Traditional approaches may check the box, but their inaccuracies result in high operational costs and risk of regulatory enforcement.

Protect against financial crime and money laundering

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20% more accurate than traditional approaches
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30% fewer false positives than legacy solutions
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75% reduction in manual review time
watchlist reduction in staffing
60% reduction in staffing and resource costs

Key Benefits

Highest standards of compliance

Highest standards of compliance

Prove accurate matches with novel entity risk scoring that withstands regulatory scrutiny

Focus on the risk that matters

Focus on the risk that matters

Eliminate irrelevant alerts that waste time and resources

Streamlined manual reviews

Streamlined manual reviews

Achieve rapid disposition of matches with automated, intuitive case management

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Socure’s AI-powered Global Watchlist Screening with Monitoring delivers unrivaled accuracy and automation

Leveraging AI and machine learning, Global Watchlist Screening with Monitoring ensures precise matching and streamlines compliance processes for organizations navigating today's regulatory complexities

Complete end-to-end watchlist solution for screening, monitoring, and risk management

Effortlessly screen, monitor, and disposition your customers in real time against sanctions, enforcement lists, politically exposed persons databases, adverse media information, and your own custom lists.

industry leading accuracy

Industry-leading accuracy

  • Hyper-advanced machine learning technology delivers unmatched accuracy reducing false positives and false negatives
  • Precise matching even with nicknames, unintentional concatenation or splitting of names, names with titles and honorifics, phonetically similar names, or transliterated names
  • True high-risk entity identification with advanced entity resolution, profile matching, and correlation scoring

uniterrupt sanctions compliance

Uninterrupted sanctions compliance

  • Real-time alerts to customer status changes that ensure compliance
  • Daily OFAC, PEP, and adverse media list updates

optimize buisness requirments

Optimized to specific business requirements

  • Configurable sanctions and risk tolerances to meet organizational requirements
  • Noise reduction with granular control of categories, sub-categories, and specific lists to screen against
  • Seamless integration of custom watchlists for known good and bad actors

Innovative profile matching

Industry-leading two-stage scoring system harnesses proprietary machine learning technology to provide unparalleled certainty that the individual in question is the correct match.

ID Match

Robust name matching

Customer submitted PII is matched against selected watchlists within your defined risk parameters


Advanced entity resolution

Returned matches are intelligently grouped into comprehensive entity profiles enriched with supplementary information

Correlation Value

Definitive correlation scores

Each PII element is scored to elevate the correct entity, proving a match while eliminating false negatives

3 available tiers of service

Focus on the coverage relevant to your business, with complete control of selected lists and matching criteria


Robust global coverage to meet your core compliance needs

  • OFAC SDN and consolidated lists
  • Other global sanction lists from US, Canada, UK and EU such as UN consolidated, EU sanctions, UK HMT and US Department of State lists
  • Enforcement lists, including FinCEN Money Laundering Concern List
  • US OIG Exclusion List
  • Custom list


Increased diligence for sanctioned or exposed individuals

Standard tier in addition to:

  • Domestic and International -Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Tiers 1-4


Confidence to do business nearly anywhere

Standard and plus tier in addition to:

  • Global adverse media information for individuals and entities


Fact Sheet

Experience hyper-accurate watchlist screening that proves a correct match.

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