Powerful AI/Machine Learning Identity Platform.

The modularized platform eases orchestration of the entire customer onboarding lifecycle while enabling the use of individual modules to address more focused identity verification needs.

Central dashboard to manage all ID+ solutions and monitor performance in real time.

Single API for all modules, designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Accelerate onboarding while mitigating fraud risk.

The Socure ID+ platform provides an instant, multi-dimensional view of identity verification and fraud risk at day zero.

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  • Self-learning correlations of over 6,000 predictors to determine riskiness of identity.

  • Automated machine learning platform for fast optimal model testing, selection, and deployment with real-time performance monitoring.

  • Full transparency for governance with complete documentation and records of model performance

  • Full data ingestion engine that quickly converts new data sources to usable platform value.

  • Central hub of resources for developers such as User, API and troubleshooting guides for ease of implementation.

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