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Eliminating identity fraud is our mission — and as a member of the People Operations team, my job is to help build a best-in-class team and ensure a gratifying employee experience along the way. Read on for a glimpse into the unique culture that has earned Socure a number of awards & recognitions (ForbesInc. Magazine) as a best place to work and grow a career.

Meaningful Work & Making an Impact

The opportunity to make an impact is one of the most frequently cited and highly ranked cultural values from the candidate perspective. We can say with confidence that an individual’s work will always be seen, valued, and meaningful at Socure.

Meaningful work is attributed to a number of factors. Regardless of function, level or role, our work is aligned to purpose. Whether innovating or iterating, purpose drives our actions, and actions drive meaningful results for our teams, customers and partners.

Additionally, collaboration inside and across teams is an important driver of impact. Collaboration is organic during the course of a project, and physical or virtual taps on the shoulder are welcome even outside the context of a task or initiative. Sharing knowledge, providing insight and building context are natural components of the way we operate.

Access to the Best of the Best

Our CEO Tom Thimot always says that a marker of a great culture is when you’re compelled to get up before the alarm. Socure’s leadership team continuously sets the tone for a culture of opportunity & engagement and actively participates in just about every project or activity.

In keeping with our ethos of collaboration, leaders and subject matter experts from all departments are always accessible and approachable. Intellectually curious people tend to be drawn to Socure, and the chance to connect with and learn from experts offers endless intrinsic growth opportunities.

True Employee Engagement

Fostering a culture of engagement is a key feature of our broader identity as an organization. Engagement at Socure is multi-dimensional, crossing the spectrum from mission centric and educational, to social and designed for community building.

Socure’s well-loved tradition of social events like happy hours and birthday celebrations has continued even as we’ve shifted to remote work more recently. Community building during a time of remote work has yielded a host of employee-led events like fitness bootcamp, Irish dancing, cooking classes, interactive games, pet meetups and conversation. Who knew our colleagues were so multi-talented?!

Employees with more targeted interests gravitate towards our affinity groups. Philanthropically-minded Socureans participate in SoCares, an employee group dedicated to community service.  Our more newly formed women’s group creates an opportunity for women and allies to engage in conversation about leadership, parenting, growth, balance and more.

Direct from the Source

Capturing such a rich and dimensional company culture in a few words feels nearly impossible. When it comes to culture, Socureans really do say it best! For more insights directly from our team, check out our SoCurious blog series here.

Shannon Barnett
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Shannon Barnett

Shannon Barnett

Shannon Barnett is part of Socure's People team, and is passionate about talent acquisition and operations. She finds deep gratification connecting people and opportunities, and developing meaningful partnerships inside growing organizations.