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Mitigating Fraud and Account Takeover Risk

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Customers expect a one-click experience and phone numbers provide a key element in their journey. Starting at account opening and throughout the customer lifecycle, phone numbers provide a consistent risk indicator. Malicious actors use compromised phone numbers to hijack existing accounts or create new accounts. The challenge? Prevent fraud from faked, stolen, or invalid phone numbers while enabling a seamless user experience.

Phone RiskScore Answers Key Questions

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Delivering safety and countering fraud requires verifying phone numbers and assessing risk at touchpoints such as account opening, account maintenance, and online transactions. Socure Phone RiskScore moves beyond rules-based approaches by applying adaptive, automated machine learning and continuous feedback data to phone numbers, identifying “bad” phones while also providing a seamless user experience for legitimate, good customers.

Enable Trust Throughout the Account Lifecycle

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Account Registration

Establishes trust and deflects fraud at account creation

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One-Time Passcodes

Confirms email legitimacy before sending OTPs via email

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Profile Changes

Provides a passive signal validating email address risk prior to implementing profile changes

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Marketplace Account Verification

Maintains integrity of ecosystem

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Login Risk

Identifies risk of phone number at login

Digital goods delivery

Digital Goods Delivery

Protects against mass fraud attacks where the phone risk signal is most powerful

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Loan Origination

Identifies potential fraud before 
damage can be done

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Account Authentication

Maintains trust and mitigates fraud when sending one-time passcodes (OTP) via SMS text messages

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Online Gaming

Indicates phone ownership and delivers passive account proofing/verification

Phone RiskScore Technology Highlights

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Passive Yet Highly Predictive

Preempt fraud by detecting evasive patterns

  • Multiple phone data sources for maximum coverage
  • 87+ phone-specific features, including number with dummy value, invalid area code, IP phone number, phone service types, porting, age, and more
  • RiskScore returns a score between 0 to 1 indicating the riskiness of a provided phone number
  • Correlation returns a value between 0 to 1 indicating phone ownership and the strength of the relationship between customer name and phone number

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Stand-alone or suite Deployment

  • Socure ID+ Suite allows mix-and-match of a product portfolio that includes Sigma Identity Fraud, Sigma Synthetic Fraud, Digital Intelligence, as well as Email, Phone, and Address Risk Scores
  • Device informs identity decisions within a holistic model
  • Verify a 360 degree view of your customers’ identities


Continuous Improvement

Feedback data from the industry’s leading consortium of clients

  • Socure delivers better fraud models trained with consortium feedback data
  • As the consortium grows, Socure gets smarter using feedback data from an expanding network of trusting firms to counter evolving identity fraud patterns