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Don’t settle for legacy vendors’ poor identity coverage, low accuracy, false rejects, manual reviews, and subpar, ~80% customer approval rates with friction.

Deploy the industry-leading CIP solution to achieve up to 98% frictionless auto-approvals and unmatched coverage and data quality—unlocking customer growth while bolstering compliance.

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Increase your
customer approval rates 15-40%

Increase your customer approval rates for 18-23 year olds 20-40%

Trusted by 4 out of 5 largest banks

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Increase Customer Approval Rates


Socure looks at a wider, more comprehensive set of data sources, utilizing patented identity clustering to cover populations across all ages and demographics.


The quality of your approvals matter as much as the quantity. Socure delivers the highest approval rates and does so with highest level of matching accuracy across each PII element.

Unrivaled Coverage and Accuracy. Powered by the Industry-Leading ID Graph and Verification Capabilities.

Database of over 530M known good and bad identities

Socure Identity Graph

  • Date of Birth Matching

    Socure delivers unparalleled DOB accuracy and matching capabilities, correlating the inputted date of birth with eight different formats and combinations.

  • Algorithmic Name Matching

    Socure offers unrivaled name resolution capabilities, with innovative algorithms to account for similarities in various name permutations. For example the use of a nick-name such as ‘Elizabeth’ vs. ‘Betsy.'

  • Best-in-Class Address Normalization

    Socure provides the most accurate address resolution possible, resulting in >99.5% coverage surpassing that of the U.S. Postal Service, Google Maps, and others—combined.

  • SSN Prefill

    Socure’s SSN resolution goes beyond simple matching, correcting common errors and results from diverse data sources while also auto-populating PII based on the last four digits only, reducing friction.

Upgrade Your KYC with World-Class Identity

The largest enterprises with the most stringent regulations—4 out of 5 top banks and 7 of 10 top card issuers—have upgraded to Socure KYC, built on three core pillars:

Multi-Dimensional View of Identity

Broader coverage
for better accuracy

  • eCBSV
  • Streaming & Cable
  • Credit Bureau
  • Utility
  • Telco
  • Military Lending Act
  • Higher-Education
  • 200+ Authoritative
    Data Sources

AdvancedAI & ML Technology

Smarter and faster
resolution and decisions

  • Automated Data Ingestion
    & Identity Composition
  • Pioneering ML for
    Identity Clustering
  • Advanced Logic for
    Query Resolution
  • Real-Time Responses

Comprehensive Population Coverage

Unlock new markets
and customers

  • Thin-File & Credit Invisible
  • Gen Z & Millennial
  • New-to-Country
  • Mainstream

Upgrade to Socure KYC for Immediate Results

Up to 94%





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Increased a top online gaming operator's auto-acceptance by over 7%, generating millions of new customers.


Increased a top-tier online brokerage's auto-acceptance by over 10%, generating millions of new customers.

“Socure’s approach to KYC optimizes the market potential for its clients, enabling them to reach demographics far beyond the mainstream population. Its advanced ID graph and verification capabilities enables Socure’s clients to achieve compliance while rapidly scaling and expanding into new, hard-to-identify consumer segments, such as 18-23 year old individuals and recent immigrants.”

Luis Valdich,
Managing Director, Citi Ventures

“Socure is the leading digital identity trust platform in the market. Large financial institutions and FinTechs use the platform for KYC, identity verification, and regulatory compliance.”

Aman Sharma,
Partner, Capital One Ventures

Solution Highlights

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    Population Coverage

    Your growth relies on the ability to accurately identify ALL segments of your customer population. Socure’s KYC solution helps you optimize the acquisition of hard-to-identify segments, including Gen-Z, millennials, credit-invisible, thin-file, new-to-country, and other groups vital to the future of your business.

    Socure provides the best coverage and auto-approval rates available.

    Patented AI and ML technology provide automated data curation from hundreds of sources beyond just credit bureau, including telco, utility, streaming, and much more.

    The application of advanced logic for query and identity resolution results in unrivaled auto-approval speed and accuracy for comprehensive coverage across the mainstream population and beyond.

  • ReasonCodes

    360-degree View of
    Your Customers’ Identity

    Unlock lucrative and fast-growing market segments to hyper-charge business growth by seamlessly onboarding previously unverifiable populations.

    With patented AI and ML technology, Socure taps into data sources beyond the industry status quo, creating more than eight billion records tied to over 530 million good and bad identities, giving you the deepest multi-dimensional view of any consumer and the best chance to identify the new customers you want in your ecosystem.

    Socure automatically derives useful signals from non-traditional data sources, which have a tremendous impact on identity composition and resolution.

    Socure pairs broad coverage with advanced query tools and accuracy to provide industry-leading match rates.

  • 3

    AI & ML Technology:
    Data Ingestion & Cleansing

    Socure is the ONLY solution that utilizes deep data and goes beyond traditional quantitative methods, closing the gaps in identity verification outside of mainstream populations. Automating data ingestion and cleansing of data gives Socure’s customers an advantage to benefit from even more new signals, including unmatched data coverage that informs the most comprehensive master records as well as the largest repository of known good and bad identities.

    Utilizing patented AI and ML technology, Socure eliminates the need for manual processes and cuts through the noise to derive the most useful information from previously underutilized, non-traditional data sources.

    With better data and more accurate resolution, Socure provides the most complete master records for superior identity matching.

  • 4

    AI & ML Technology:
    Identity Clustering

    Socure leverages unsupervised identity clustering with a whole new level of sophistication, resulting in increased accuracy and leading coverage to generate and evaluate extensive records and identity footprints. Socure dramatically improves the coverage and accuracy to power identity composition and resolution, providing comprehensive population coverage that brings the key, hard-to-identify demographics into the fold.

    Utilizing patented AI and ML technology, Socure automates the reading and combining of data records to generate and a better match to unique identities.

    With enhanced identities, more matches can be made, and the accuracy of those matches increases, allowing for superior identity records and confident decisions.

  • Image Right@3x-1

    The Most Trustworthy
    & In-Depth Identity

    Socure instantly matches user-inputted PII to a master record, so your identity decisions are reliable while minimizing risk. You onboard good customers with confidence, as multiple correlations are made to determine an accurate outcome in milliseconds, with a friction-free verification experience.

    Faster, smoother onboarding provides enhanced customer acquisition for you and a friction-free experience for your customers. This leads to better Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence results.

    Advanced logic for unparalleled query, resolution, and analysis, including address normalization, fuzzy matching, and SSN prefill reduce user error, optimize UX for your customers, and increase overall match rates and conversion.

  • Dashboard-Jul-28-2021-09-49-41-73-PM

    Expansive Actionable
    Insights & Analytics

    Socure maximizes your market potential by enabling growth beyond the mainstream. With Socure, through additional intelligence, you will ensure compliance, scale your trusted customers, expand into new, lucrative markets, and stop leaving money on the table.

    Identify areas for improvement for your business by easily activating or deactivating reason codes, resulting in higher accuracy while optimizing your workflows.

    Observe the true business impact of potential configurations prior to putting them into production by running simulations in the dashboard—reducing potential pitfalls while gauging and maximizing benefits.


    US Challenger Bank Switched to Socure

    Increased auto-approval rates, and decreased customer friction.


    A Next Generation
    Approach to KYC

    3 essentials for safe, seamless digital onboarding.


    Intelligent KYC and
    Watchlist Screening

    Alleviate frustrating customer onboarding experiences while ensuring compliance.


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