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Intelligent KYC for
optimized onboarding.

With unparalleled data coverage and proprietary search analytics, Socure ID+ KYC and Global Watchlist Screening with Monitoring deliver unmatched auto-acceptance rates in both mainstream and underbanked markets.

5 billion records

250 million verified identities

With wide data coverage, Socure's powerful search engine returns the most significant matches and insights with fuzzy matching, significance ranking, and detailed reason codes.

  • ID+ KYC supports over 90% auto acceptance with more data and powerful search engine.

  • ID+ Global Watchlist Screening and Monitoring delivers over 80% lower false positive rates and reduces manual review.

  • Smart matching technology includes flexible search filters, fuzzy name matching, and NLP for Adverse Media screening.

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting when customer status changes on Watchlists.

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