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ID+ for Consumer Identity Verification

Accept more business with ID+, a full service machine learning platform that provides the highest veracity for Day Zero identity verification using 5000+ predictors and verified with known outcomes.

Powerful AI/ML Identity Platform

Using trusted online, offline and social media data, ID+ delivers industry leading auto-approval rates while simultaneously reducing fraud and false positives—previously an inconceivable feat. Built on a fully automated machine learning and artificial intelligence platform, ID+ performs identity validation with compounding accuracy as more data is processed and validated with known outcomes.

Identity Verification Solutions

Sigma Fraud Score

sigma sigma

Sigma Fraud Score is the most accurate holistic fraud detection product on the market. Using minimal customer information, Sigma Fraud utilizes machine learning and advanced algorithms to predict the likelihood the supplied identity is fraudulent.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

kyc kyc

Comply with Patriot Act requirements by verifying identities against authoritative data sources. Use KYC to build a passive Customer Identification Program (CIP) that doesn’t interfere with the account opening experience.

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Global Watchlist

watchlist watchlist

Global Watchlist checks information submitted against key international watch lists. Socure offers multiple tiers and filter options to meet regulatory requirements, as well as adjustments to reduce false positives.

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Email Risk and Correlation Scores

email_risk email_risk

Email Risk Score is a point-solution to assess risk associated with an email address, as well as the correlation between the email address and the supplied identity.

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Phone Risk and Correlation Scores

phone_risk phone_risk

Phone Risk Score is a point-solution to assess risk associated with a phone number, as well as the correlation between the phone number and the supplied identity.

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Address Risk and Correlation Scores

address_risk address_risk

Address Risk Score is a point-solution to assess risk associated with an address, as well as the correlation between the address and the supplied identity.

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Alert List

alert_list alert_list

Compare transactions against Socure’s proprietary consortium database of known fraudulent users and specific identifying fraudulent transactional traits. Alert List provides an additional level of security that is only available with ID+.

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Document Verification

document_verification document_verification

Document Verification allows users to confirm the authenticity of a wide range of government-issued identification from around the world, including Driver Licenses, Passports, Visas, and other official documents.

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Social Screening

social social

Use Social Media to increase manual review efficiency with a comprehensive report on social media activity for identities.

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Data Sheets

ID+ Product Overview

Get more info about ID+ for customer identity verification

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Sigma Fraud Score

Socure’s breakthrough Sigma Fraud Score (SFS) solutions are machine learning models trained with detailed performance data across a consortium of clients for identity fraud risk prediction.

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