Detect fraud risk with the highest accuracy in the industry.

Socure’s Sigma Fraud Suite delivers the highest fraud capture rates and the lowest false positive rates in the industry, with model accuracy at over 95%.

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Stop fictitious synthetic identities in their tracks.

Eliminate synthetic ID fraud with Socure’s industry-leading and powerful unsupervised machine learning and multi-class classification model.

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Meet AML/BSA compliance requirements while improving customer experience.

Deliver compliance with over 90% auto acceptance for KYC and lower false positives by 80% for Watchlist enforcement worldwide.

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Accelerate risk-based document verification.

Verify of government issued ID documents with analytics-based document authentication and facial liveness checks.

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Simplify operations with a powerful machine learning platform.

The Socure ID+ Platform is a turnkey system that delivers powerful analytics and reason codes for all product modules through a single RESTful API.

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The Socure Difference

With 300+ customers across financial services, utilities ecommerce and other sectors, Socure delivers significant improvement in identity verification and fraud risk to deliver superior customer experience and operational efficiencies.

Legacy Services
CIP Auto Approval 35-65%
Fraud 0.8%
False Positives 6:1
Manual Review/KBA 35-65%
CIP Auto Approval 85-92%
Fraud 0.2%
False Positives 1:2
Manual Review/KBA 5-15%
The Socure Difference
CIP Auto Approval 30-60% increase
Fraud 60-85% reduction
False Positives >10x more accurate
Manual Review/KBA >50% reduction

CIP Auto Approval


False Positives

Manual Review/KBA

Legacy Services










The Socure Difference

30-60% increase       

60-85% reduction    

>10x more accurate

>50% reduction      

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