ID+ for Consumer Verification

ID+™ is the first solution to blend trusted online and offline data for real-time identity verification using sophisticated, patented, and proven machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

ID+ provides the most accurate identity verification solution on the market by providing the broadest coverage of data sources available, which enables more financial inclusion for the underbanked and millennial market. ID+ integrates instantly into existing on-boarding or ID verification processes, providing the cornerstone of a solid KYC/CIP program.

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Drive Increased Business Value and Efficiency: 

Accept more customers.

Over 30% increases in KYC/CIP consumer acceptance

Reduce fraud.

Up to 80% reductions in fraud through improved day zero prediction

Reduce manual reviews.

As much as a 90% reduction in manual reviews

Socure's ID+ Platform

Email RiskScore
Phone RiskScore
Address RiskScore
Physical Document Authentication
Global Watchlists

ID+ passively uses the personally identifiable information (PII) data provided in an existing application process such as name, address, email, and phone, along with IP information to confirm that the identity being used is valid and belongs to the person entering it.

ID+ blends online and offline data to create a complete footprint of a consumer's digital identity, and then uses advanced data science to predict whether that information is being used in an authentic manner.

Socure’s 3.0 platform features a modular design and includes a single API to handle digital to physical identity verification. The combination of digital identity verification with an optional physical document authentication provides the greatest level of assurance achievable that an identity is valid, belongs to the user being verified and is risk free.

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