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Compliance, GDPR

Those Without Data History May Be Doomed To Repeat It

Posted by PYMNTS on May 9, 2018

Facebook’s data fiasco, Wells Fargo’s fake account scandal, the Equifax breach and the onset of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): With topics like these dominating headlines, it’s no wonder everyone is thinking about digital identity.

Socure’s New CEO On Digital Identity’s Future

Posted by PYMNTS on May 1, 2018

The recent past of digital identity and data security really won’t much resemble its future all that much, according to Tom Thimot, Socure’s newly minted CEO, and that is very good news for everyone. Because, he says, old-school models built out of static models will never work as well as one-two punch algorithms and machine learning. The challenge? Getting it out there – and helping the entire ecosystem understand that not all “big data” shops are quite created equal.

Compliance, AML, Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity, Identity Fraud

Digital Breadcrumb Trail To Verified IDs

Posted by PYMNTS on Feb 16, 2018

The rise of the machines?

Not the latest Transformers or Terminator retread. The machines that we speak of here are the ones that act as the velvet rope, the bouncers if you will, of the financial industry. The ones who use data gleaned from thousands of sources to make sure that you are who you say you are when you want to transact.

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity

Securing Consumer Data Beyond The SSN

Posted by PYMNTS on Nov 7, 2017

The Social Security number (SSN) was never meant to get this much attention.

It was never meant to be shorthand for, well, you – proving that you are who you say you are, serving as a gateway to all manner of sensitive data and, of course, financial accounts.

Yet those nine numbers have become a standard bearer for identity verification, a gold mine for fraudsters – maybe rendered moot by the huge breaches at Equifax and other companies.

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