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Complete View of Identity

Advanced ML + Unrivaled Data Sources

Identity Graph Consortium Network

Socure’s revolutionary ID+ platform utilizes every element of identity, natively orchestrated by advanced AI/ML, to maximize accuracy, reduce false positives, and eliminate the need for disparate products.

Decisioning on single identity element-centric products such as email-centric, phone-centric, or document-centric solutions results in friction, low accuracy, low coverage, and high false positives.

Socure’s ID+ platform utilizes the most accurate and up-to-date data sources for every element of identity to achieve the highest levels of coverage, eliminating the burden of procuring this data directly.

Advanced AI/ML unlocks the power of this data with 17,000+ predictive features to enable the most accurate fraud detection and identity verification decisions in real-time.

Socure’s ID+ platform integrates an ever-growing, real-time network of intelligence from billions of predictions and outcomes at the world’s largest companies.

Don’t settle for point products relying on individual, siloed outcomes. Get maximum results with the industry-leading consortium network powered by 1,400+ top enterprises across all industries.

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1 Platform. 1 API.

ID+ Platform

Graph-Defined Identity Verification

  • KYC

  • Synthetic ID Fraud

  • Document & Selfie Verification

  • Watchlist Screening & Monitoring

  • Age Verification

  • Device Risk

  • Email Risk

  • Phone Risk

  • Address Risk

  • Third-Party Identity Fraud


Leverage Socure’s unmatched identity coverage and breadth of data to unlock customer growth while bolstering compliance with up to 98% auto-approvals across all ages and demographics.

Synthetic ID Fraud

Identify and isolate synthetic identity risk at enrollment and in existing customer portfolios utilizing Socure’s proprietary fraud prediction models and automated ML pipelines.

Document & Selfie Verification

Verify the authenticity of an ID and selfie match at onboarding or step-up authentication to gain further trust in the people you are doing business with while reducing fraud risk.

Watchlist Screening & Monitoring

Adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and avoid steep compliance penalties with automated, real-time alerts on sanction and enforcement status changes.

Age Verification

Verify the age of a consumer for the purpose of restricting access to digital content or regulated products from those who are not age-appropriate.

Device Risk

Predict the risk associated with a device using data attributes such as IP, geolocation, device type, and device software, while binding known identities to known good devices—enabling verification at critical points in the customer lifecycle.

Email Risk

Predict the risk of an email and its correlation to an identity based on hundreds of data elements including deliverability, age of the email, domain type, and alternative emails linked to an identity.

Phone Risk

Predict the risk of a phone number as well as ownership, utilizing various risk intelligence and phone number attributes including how often the phone number has been ported, length of subscriber tenure, and line type.

Address Risk

Predict the risk of an address utilizing various risk intelligence and residency attributes including deliverability, tenure of the identity at the address, property type, as well as links between an identity and alternative addresses.

Third-Party Identity Fraud

Analyze every dimension of a consumer identity including name, email, phone, address, date of birth, SSN, IP, device, velocity, and more to capture up to 90% of fraud in the riskiest 3% of users.

Unmatched Accuracy for Unparalleled Results


Up to 98% frictionless auto-approvals for all ages and demographics


Up to 95% reduction in third-party and synthetic identity fraud


Up to a 13x reduction in false positives


As much as 90% reduction in manual review

Industry-leading Identity Verification and Trust Platform

Socure Named a Leader in Identity Verification Report

Socure’s “solution is a good fit for companies looking to operationalize identity risk scoring based on identities’ position and links in identity graphs.”

The Forrester Wave™ Identity Verification Solutions, Q4 2022

Forrester Names Socure a Leader in IDV
Capital One white.png

Integrating Socure’s technology has meaningfully increased our accuracy in identifying fraud, resulting in a reduction in customer friction while also preventing additional fraud.”

Sarah Strauss, SVP, Head of Fraud & Servicing Strategy, Capital One
sofi logo.png

Most players in the space have created point solutions to solve one aspect of digital identity—name, address, device, email, or phone number—but lack the data science insights of Socure’s ID+ platform that definitively and reliably answers two questions using their multivariate data: ‘Is the applicant a real person? Is the applicant who they say they are?’”

Aaron Webster, Chief Risk Officer, SoFi
betterment white.png

Deploying Socure’s technology has significantly increased our ability to accurately pinpoint identity theft while also enabling us to auto-accept more good applicants. Our manual account reviews have also decreased dramatically. The innovations delivered by Socure help us to stay ahead of fraud trends while continuing to provide an optimal experience for our customers.”

Mark Kassardjian, Director of Operations, Betterment
lili white.png

Socure helps us onboard new customers quickly and scale faster than we could with other tools. We identified no other solutions that compared in terms of accuracy or insights.”

John Mearls, Head of Risk & Operations, Lili
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Award-Winning People & Technology

Working at Socure means maximum impact: innovating on top of cutting-edge technology while collaborating with the best data scientists, engineers, product managers, marketing, and sales professionals in the world.

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Use Cases

Socure accurately verifies digital identity and predicts fraud throughout the digital customer lifecycle to reduce fraud losses without compromising customer experience.

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User Onboarding
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Identity Proofing
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USA PATRIOT Act Compliance
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Account Updates
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Age Verification
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Trust & Safety
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High-Value Transactions
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Password Reset

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