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Radical accuracy in identity unlocks every interaction on the internet.

For businesses, radical accuracy is:

  • Unlocking an immediate lift in customer conversions
  • A reduction in identity fraud
  • Better customer experiences
  • Up to 25X ROI

…to scale the digital economy.

What do you need to unlock?

Radical accuracy in identity soars beyond onboarding…

We solve 30+ customer journey challenges:

  • Sign up
  • New application
  • Risky account changes
  • Account validation and funding
  • Counterparty disbursement
  • High-risk transactions
  • One-time password
  • Compromised account scrubs
  • In-person verification or authentication
  • Log-in validation
  • Call center verification

Here’s how we do it.

Through Socure’s end-to-end identity verification platform

Socure ID+ Network Effect: 2 billion known good and bad outcomes

We see consumers from the first transaction in their digital journey, and their good and bad behavior as they traverse the digital economy.

  • Mortgage provider
  • Neobank
  • Healthcare
  • Employee management
  • Rental services
  • Student loan program
  • Bank
  • Telco
  • Marketplace
  • Gaming
  • eCommerce
  • P2P platform
  • Crypto exchange

We map these signals to enrich identity verification and inform risk decisions

  • Streamline approvals of good customers: bank (residential address), credit card (resolved address, resolved email), telco (phone – major carrier), loan provider (known good ID)
  • Apply risk-appropriate friction to deter fraudsters: bank (known bad ID), eCommerce (unresolved phone), marketplace (email never seen), gaming (unresolved name, prison address)

Unlock your next frontier of customers: Socure achieves 90%+ reduction in detecting stolen or synthetic identities, including deep fakes

With award winning growth and AI-powered technology.

Join the 2,200+ banks, fintechs, and other enterprises that rely on Socure for radical accuracy in identity verification.

  • Approve more good customers faster
  • Eliminate identity fraud
  • Foster radical accuracy in identity across the customer journey
  • Unlock your business growth