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Socure's Social Biometrics™ solution detects fraudulent users on your website and mobile application using advanced machine learning algorithms.

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Why Use Socure

Online Identity Verification

Socure combines a patent-pending artificial intelligence system, proprietary machine learning algorithms and social behavior pattern analysis to detect if an ID is authentic, a fraudster or a bot.

When integrated into registration and logins, Socure solutions reduce fraud rates, increase acceptance rates and lower compliance and review costs for enterprises around the world.

Account takeover and identity theft fraud

On average, large financial institutions are each losing more than $100 million per year due to account takeover and identity theft fraud.

Payments Fraud

Global online B2C e-commerce sales are expected to top $1.5 trillion in 2014, with approximately 3.1% lost due to payments fraud.

Federated Identity Fraud

50% of new site registrations will exclusively be through social sign on by 2015, opening the flood gates for federated identity fraud.


Social Biometrics™

Peoples' online behaviour is something that is a part of who they are; reflecting a hard-to-replicate biometric signature. Social Biometrics™ focuses on the strength of our social behaviors across networks to assert a user's identity authenticity online.


A new user registers on your site using social sign-on or forms-based logins


Your site calls a Socure API endpoint with the user's information

High Authenticity

The user is assessed by Socure’s Social Biometrics™ service


Custom API Control Center

Socure offers a reporting and analytics management dashboard for clients to see their business's fraud footprint over the lifetime of their Socure services subscription.

Socure Dashboard


Easily Integrated, Secure APIs

Use Socure’s JSON/REST APIs to verify the authenticity of a new user, verify an existing user's identity for fraud risk or to evaluate risk levels for each side of a financial transaction.

Our innovative solution analyzes and scores your users to protect your business and your customers around the clock.

{ "status":"Ok", "data":{ "referenceid": "4334-3883838-93993", "authscore": 2, "reasoncodes": ["I105", "I113", "I115"], "confidence": 0.83, "fraudscore": 0.6778, "details": ["blacklisted":{ "industry": "Banking and Finance", "reporteddate": "2014-07-02", "reason": "ChargeBack Fraud"} ], "debug": [], "uuid": "98f921e7-9df2-d727-9048-83337ecd309f"}, "msg":"" }


Enterprise-Grade Security Protection

As both IT security professionals and regular Internet users, our team is very conscious about security and data privacy.

Socure's API services are only available via SSL-secured endpoints. Internally, we ensure non-repudiation and authorized access to our service. We employ best practice horizontal infrastructure scaling and API bandwidth shaping techniques to meet our SLAs.

Our services are hosted in managed data center environments with military-grade physical security and component isolation behind incremental firewalls and IDS/IPS services. We perform regular audits to ensure compliance and optimal technical performance.

All sensitive information in our system is stored using the strongest available encryption algorithms.

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