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The need for identity document verification is expanding at a rapid pace in a landscape shaped by digital first models. Where banks to marketplaces to telehealth to government programs are even more reliant on ID documents to make onboarding or trust and safety decisions. However, they face three key challenges: forged IDs and AI-generated deep fakes, revenue losses from falsely rejected good applicants, and high user abandonment due to excess friction.

Introducing Socure’s Predictive Document Verification 3.0, the industry’s highest performing identity document verification solution that is revolutionizing the role of document verification across markets.

Our world class forensics and data extraction engine spots fake IDs and tampering with hyper accuracy. Cutting edge computer vision technology compares an optional selfie to the ID photo and passive liveness detection instantly spots spoofing attacks. DocV’s image capture app aids accessibility and dramatically improves traditionally poor user experiences with real time verbal coaching to eliminate drop off.

DocV can be used in three ways: document only when you need just an ID to verify a user, document first when an ID check and selfie match are used early in the workflow flow and step up verification when document verification is applied as an additional level of protection. Unlike other solutions, our machine learning fraud models are trained on more than 400 third party data sources and leverage more than a billion known good and bad identities.

Thread powerful predictive risk signals to correlate an identity with device, phone, geolocation, behavior patterns, and other indicators. DocV provides a holistic view of your user’s identity, giving you confidence in the person you’re doing business with. It’s the number one identity document verification platform according to Aite Novarica Group.

Reduce fraud in your ecosystem, convert more good users faster, and increase revenue with Socure’s Predictive DocV 3. 0.