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Following the June 2023 acquisition of Berbix and recently launched Predictive DocV 3.0, the Document Verification team is excited to share an update on our new SDKs (software development kit) version 4.0 for mobile and web platforms.

What does this look like in practice? Intelligent innovations like optimized barcode detection and a streamlined, stable user experience have led to a 10% lift in conversion rates, a 15% increase in auto-capture rates through image quality checks, and an overall smooth experience for Predictive DocV users.

The enhancements in the SDKs offer users increased clarity, accessibility, and speed to drive higher applicant conversion rates and improved accuracy. This significant boost includes improving image validation models, optimizing quality checks like blur and glare, and refining data extraction capabilities to further reduce the rates of application abandonment due to friction.

For the DocV team, our north star is for the SDKs to continue to push the envelope for an unparalleled user experience on government-issued ID documents and selfie captures.

Reimagining the Identity Document Verification Process

The new SDKs represent a complete reimagining of how organizations can collect government IDs and selfies from end users during the identity verification process. The updated full screen capture interface is lightning fast – users receive verification results in under 3 seconds – with new animations showing the ID being scanned, and rendering what was detected back to the user. Ensuring sufficient image quality before processing provides clarity into the verification process. This is a critical step in the document verification process, as it ensures the efficiency of forensics analysis.

If quality checks such as blur or glare fail, users are prompted immediately to recapture – rather than restarting the whole process later.

In addition to serving as a step-up solution for our financial services customers, DocV supports a number of emerging use cases including driver’s license verification and age verification for certain restricted purchases. Having a radically accurate solution in these scenarios is critical to weed out bad actors.

A 10% Lift in Conversion

Intelligent barcode detection for specific ID types and optimized resources also contribute to a more stable, streamlined experience for end users.

Our initial data shows that the thoughtful UX optimizations translate to a 10% lift in conversion rates. Considering that high friction identity verification processes cause many users to abandon transactions, improving completion rates with a smoother user experience has a significant impact on the customer’s bottom line.

We’re also seeing a 15% increase in the auto-capture rates. Without requiring any extra user action, these capabilities ensure image quality checks and document detection before automatically scanning the document.

With ongoing innovation and a focus on delivering a superior customer experience, Predictive DocV leads the market in performance and continuous improvements.

Access for All

Accessibility is a key focus of the new SDKs. Features such as audio guidance help make identity verification inclusive for visually impaired users through step-by-step guidance during the capture process, while machine-driven decisioning helps reduce bias.

With this DocV enhancement, we can help make identity verification work for all users – and it puts us one step closer to our mission of verifying 100% of good identities in real time.

Learn more about Predictive DocV 3.0 here, or schedule a call.

Deepanker Saxena

As a Senior Group Product Manager, Deepanker leads the product vision and strategy at Socure. Deepanker's deep experience in building and managing products that leverage the newest forms of machine learning and artificial intelligence allows him to help deliver the most accurate and robust fraud risk prediction solutions in the market. Deepanker works closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to provide business solutions and design ongoing product feature enhancements. He is passionate about creating products that solve real-world problems and make a positive impact on society.