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Data breaches and the continued rise of identity fraud have made consumers wary of the collection of biometric information.

Companies using biometrics for identity verification and fraud prevention must strike a delicate balance between their business needs and the expectations of a civil society — or face strict enforcement.

In this on-demand session we guide you through the legal considerations and risk and benefit analysis of using biometrics in today’s technology-driven world.

  • Gain a clear understanding of what biometrics mean, specifically focusing on facial key-points and facial embeddings.
  • Explore the complex legal definitions of biometric verification across various laws, and why a consistent federal privacy law in the United States is crucial.
  • Learn how to navigate privacy principles such as transparency, consent, data minimization, accountability, and fairness when developing biometric verification solutions for identity fraud.
  • Gain practical insights on how to apply these principles to build, test, and deploy biometric verification products.


ambar headshot
Ambar Chavez

Principal Product, Privacy & Regulatory Counsel, Socure

Eric Levine
Eric Levine

SVP & Head of DocV, Socure

Brooke Vixamar headshot 176x176
Brooke Vixamar

Sr. Director, DocV Product Marketing, Socure

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