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Avoid Friction While Combating Fraud and Account Takeover

Customers using mobile devices expect a one-click experience. Starting at account opening and throughout the customer lifecycle, consumers transact using their mobile devices. However, malicious actors use proxy/VPN servers, virtual infrastructure, and mobile emulators to conduct their nefarious activity. The challenge? Deflecting fraud while enabling a seamless user experience.

Sigma Device Answers Key Questions

Delivering safety and countering fraud requires verifying a consumer’s identity and assessing risk at touchpoints such as account opening, account maintenance, and online transactions. Socure Sigma Device is a powerful fraud prevention solution that binds the device to an identity from account opening onwards, using device intelligence as a risk identifier while also providing a seamless user experience for legitimate, good customers.

Enable Trust Throughout the Account Lifecycle

Account Registration

Establishes trust and deflects fraud at account creation

Digital Goods Delivery

Protects against attacks when fraudsters plan to receive stolen goods instantly

Account Authentication

Maintains trust and mitigates fraud when sending one-time passcodes to a device

Marketplace Account Verification

Maintains integrity of ecosystem

Account Updates

Provides assurance and mitigates fraud when sending one-time passcodes to mobile devices

Device Data Informing Risk Decisions

Enriches document verification and other decisions with device data

Login Validation

Establishes trust and deflects fraud at account login

Continuous Validation

Delivers dynamic risk analysis via ongoing device behavior

Funds Transfer

Maintains trust and mitigates fraud when sending or receiving funds

Sigma Device Technology Highlights

Highly Predictive Device Intelligence

Correlates device data to identity

  • The first application fraud solution that “binds” device to the individual using the device - you’ll always know it’s your customer that is logging in or changing their password
  • Combines device data with identity information—name, email address, phone number, IP address, and other details—provided during account opening delivering a one-stop fraud prevention solution
  • Verifies good people even as their device characteristics, browsers, IP addresses change

Flexible Deployment

Stand-alone or suite deployment

  • Socure ID+ Suite allows mix-and-match of a product portfolio that includes Sigma Identity Fraud, Sigma Synthetic Fraud, Sigma Device, as well as Email, Phone, and Address Risk Scores
  • Device informs identity decisions within a holistic model
  • Verify a 360-degree view of your customers’ identities

Rapid Integration

Supports all major platforms

  • Front-end deployment can be completed in just one to two hours
  • Utilize the same API call you use for other Socure ID+ products to obtain Device Risk results patterns