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Socure’s founder and CEO, Johnny Ayers, and Chief Product and Analytics Officer, Pablo Abreu, discuss the company’s journey and the development of their flagship Sigma solution for identity verification. The Sigma solution was born out of the idea of aggregating learnings from multiple customers across industries, allowing Socure to package a comprehensive solution tailored to specific sectors. Watch as Ayers highlights Sigma’s unique approach, which unifies various identity elements such as email, phone, device, geolocation, and behavior into a single solution, providing a more holistic view of identity compared to traditional point solutions.

Read the full transcript for the video here.


Fact Sheet

Sigma Identity Fraud

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Socure Solution Insights: Going Beyond Traditional Snapshots of Digital Identity with Digital Intelligence

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Case Study

Socure Helps Dwellsy Increase Fraud Capture by 464% to Establish the Most Trusted Renters Marketplace on the Internet

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