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As consumers of all ages embrace digital commerce, the opportunity for identity fraud at account opening and account takeovers (ATO) is bigger than ever. The ongoing challenge is deflecting identity fraud, minimizing false positives, while providing a frictionless consumer experience.

Device, email, and phone signals inform risk decisions to identify potential identity fraud and passively authenticate consumers. Frictionless identity verification provides an optimal consumer experience while weeding out identity fraud at account opening, login, or profile changes.

Rewatch this engaging discussion with Mercator Analyst, Tim Sloane and Socure fraud prevention expert, Mike Cook to learn:

  • How digital identity fraud continues to evolve and grow
  • Why a holistic approach to digital identity, combining machine learning and feedback data, enables more accurate identity verification for consumers
  • How to address identity fraud once you’ve found it


Mike Cook

VP, Commercialization, Fraud Solutions, Socure

Tim Sloane

VP, Payments Innovation, Mercator Advisory Group

Watch the webinar now!

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