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Identity fraud is ever-changing and fraudsters are relentless. It is critical that identity fraud defenses can adapt to evolving threats and mitigation strategies are succinct so that marketplaces can maintain a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for buyers and sellers to thrive. To address these concerns, it is essential for trust & safety professionals to understand the identity fraud types plaguing the industry and countermeasures in which to fight back.

This on-demand webinar explores the significance of a comprehensive identity verification strategy and its impact on creating an inclusive, trustworthy, and fraud-free ecosystem. We delve into identity fraud typologies such as third-party, synthetic identity fraud, and account takeover trends, and the cutting-edge fraud prevention technologies that enable marketplaces to ensure the authenticity of their users while fostering an atmosphere of trust and reliability.

In this insightful discussion with Sittercity’s Chief Product Officer, Sandra Dainora and industry fraud experts, you’ll learn how they have been able to scale while maintaining platform integrity.


Sandra Dainora

Chief Product Officer, Sittercity

Mike Cook

Vice President, Fraud Solutions, Socure

Eric Levine

SVP & Head of DocV, Socure

Watch the webinar now!

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