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Consumers need to trust that the gig, sharing, or marketplace business they’re using will provide a fraud-free, user-friendly experience—or else they’ll simply move on. Regulators have also taken notice when these businesses do not protect consumers, and have not been shy to enact harsh fines and regulations.

These high expectations from both customers and regulators are only going to rise. At the same time, as the gig, sharing, and marketplace economies boom, they’re becoming bigger targets for fraud, money laundering, and general malfeasance.

Navigating this complex landscape is no easy task, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. But there is a lot that gig, sharing, and marketplace platforms can learn from others who have seen these pressures before and found ways to seamlessly protect consumers, build brand reputation, and meet regulatory requirements.

Download A New Blueprint for a New Economy: How Gig, Sharing, and Marketplace Platforms Protect Brand Reputation & Build Customer Trust for insights on:

  • The best use cases for gig, sharing, and marketplace businesses to focus on when tackling fraud prevention
  • What the trend towards payment stream incorporation means in terms of new regulations and compliance requirements
  • How to onboard more consumers from hard-to-identify populations whose data can’t be authenticated through traditional verification approaches
  • How to build a foundation of customer trust and brand engagement that starts at onboarding and lasts throughout the business relationship

Download the white paper now!

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