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The digital world is riddled with compromised PII and falsified documents that are used for identity fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities. The emergence of Generative AI has only amplified this problem, providing criminals new ways to streamline and scale identity fraud that are harder to detect.

Financial institutions can no longer rely on siloed defenses. A layered, holistic approach to identity verification is now essential.

Join former U.S. Most Wanted cybercriminal Brett Johnson and Socure identity fraud experts as they delve into the evolving threat landscape, explore the risks associated with Generative AI, and mitigation strategies to protect your business.

We’ll cover:

  • The latest tactics used by cybercriminals, from how they obtain stolen PII to executing and profiting from their crimes.
  • The intersection of AI and cybercrime, including how it’s used to orchestrate bot attacks and the dangers associated with real-time deepfakes.
  • The power of behavioral anomaly detection in identifying patterns indicative of Generative AI identity fraud.
  • The latest identity verification software that can stop deepfakes and other complex methods that fraudsters use to bypass document verification checks.


Brett Johnson

Founder, AnglerPhish and former US Most Wanted

Yigit Yildirim

SVP & GM, Fraud & Risk Products, Socure

Eric Levine

SVP & Head of DocV, Socure

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