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Bad actors are increasingly exploiting non-monetary profile changes or one-time password requests to carry out damaging account takeover (ATO) fraud attacks — resulting in nearly $13 billion in losses for consumers in 2023, according to Javelin Research.

This resurgence in ATO fraud has risk leaders scrambling to protect their customers, account ecosystem, and brand reputation without disrupting the user experience for trusted, revenue-generating customers.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll reveal how top financial institutions leverage Socure’s Email and Phone RiskScores to thwart these growing threats without compromising the user experience.

Additionally, attendees will:

  • Explore the most popular entry points and tactics that fraudsters will use to take over an account, including non-monetary profile changes and one-time password (OTP) requests.
  • Understand the importance of accurately and holistically assessing risk related to the PII input itself, as well as its correlation to the presented identity.
  • See real-world use cases where Socure customers leverage Phone and Email RiskScores to stop account takeover fraud, minimize false positives, and enable seamless experiences for trusted users.


Ori Snir

Head of Product, Fraud & Risk

Deboshruto Sarkar

Product Manager

Emma Griffin

Principal Campaign Leader

Watch the webinar now!

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