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While establishing trust at account opening is crucial, every touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle presents an opportunity for bad actors to strike.

Failing to implement effective fraud risk management after account opening can leave organizations vulnerable to costly account takeover (ATO) fraud, payment scams, reputational damage, and financial losses.

In this eBook, we’ll explore how organizations can implement effective, lightweight risk checks throughout the customer lifecycle to prevent downstream fraud abuse — all, while creating a seamless digital experience for legitimate users.

Download the eBook now to learn:

  • How bad actors exploit routine actions like non-monetary profile changes such as email address or phone number, P2P transactions, and one-time password requests to carry out damaging identity fraud attacks.
  • Why seamless fraud and identity verification checks throughout the customer lifecycle is now a critical part of any modern fraud strategy.
  • Proven strategies for using phone, email, or address risk scores to stop account takeover fraud and scams, that won’t compromise the customer experience for legitimate users.

Download the eBook now to learn more.

Download the eBook now!

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