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Identity theft is a national security crisis, robbing Americans of billions and leaving almost no consumer untouched.

It’s time to treat digital identity as national critical infrastructure.

The Identivation Summit convenes banking and public sector leaders–the guardians of financial systems and vital services. Together, we’ll unmask the challenges, reduce victim fallout, unlock business growth, expand consumer-facing public services, and develop a secure framework.

Together, we can create the foundation of change.

Meet our keynote speakers

Josh Gottheimer

Representative, running for re-election to New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District

Representative Gottheimer’s fireside chat will highlight the bipartisan initiative that began under his leadership to foster information sharing between public and private sector participants to track and combat identity fraud. His message sets the stage to unite public sector and financial service leaders for an important discussion on creating safeguards to protect America’s future from financial crime, reduce the number of identity fraud victims, and elevate trusted identity as a national infrastructure priority.

Max Brooks headshot
Max Brooks

Bestselling Author and Nonresident Fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point

Military strategy is all about anticipating and countering threats, from gathering intelligence to building alliances, adapting to evolving threats, detecting deception, and applying psychological warfare. The very same can be said for combating identity fraud. Max Brooks will bring his expertise on battlefield creativity to the fight against identity theft and scams at Identivation 2024. His insights will pave the way for a collaborative discussion on establishing a national framework for equitable and trusted digital identity.

Join us for three days of:

Industry deep dives

Identity deep dives

As generative AI fuels a new breed of identity fraud, learn more about these ever-evolving attack vectors.

Insights from change makers

Insights from changemakers

Get a candid conversation with lawmakers, regulators, state officials, and C-suite bankers on empowering a secure identity future.

Opportunities to collaborate

Opportunities to collaborate and network

Connect with industry and government leaders in Nashville’s dynamic collaborative hub.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history
as we pave the way for a more secure digital future.



What to Expect

Gain the latest insights

Hear from leaders in banking and government as we discuss strategies and technologies to prevent identity theft and develop trusted identities.
Get the latest insights

Build your network

Join industry titans, government visionaries, and your peers at the forefront of identity protection.
Build your network

Experience Nashville

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Nashville culture to network and connect with like-minded executives.
Experience Nashville

Learn from experts in these unmissable sessions

Eliminating Identity Attacks as a National Threat

Eliminating Identity Attacks as a National Threat

This session pulls no punches. We’ll quantify the real-world threat with national-level data and offer offensive strategies for bank and public sector identity teams to tackle these evolving, widespread attacks in your everyday operations.

Building a Future for Digital Ghosts

Building a Future for Digital Ghosts

Join private and public sector leaders to explore innovative solutions to create an inclusive identity system where no demographic is barred from access to financial and government services.

Debating the Future of Identity Regulations

Debating the Future of Identity Regulations

The current KYC/CIP 4- data point method for verifying identity creates a paradox that opens the door to financial crime, while also hindering equitable access for thin-file consumers. FinCEN and banking leaders debate expanding this practice to achieve a more holistic approach.

Eradicating the Scam Economy

Eradicating the Scam Economy

Mule accounts are powering the scam economy by filtering illicit funds for “end receiving” criminals. You won’t want to miss this thought-provoking discussion with leaders from the FTC and the banking industry on unmasking the hidden receiver and how trusted identities are positioned to disrupt mule accounts.

Government Portals and the Impact on Identity

Government Portals and the Impact on Identity

This session will dive into the rise of citizen portals—a game-changer for government agencies aiming to streamline and secure service delivery. Early-adopters will share their learnings on implementing digital identity for single sign-on capabilities.