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As our customers expand globally, they need a consolidated identity verification (IDV) solution. International IDV can bring major obstacles, as fragmented regional data is challenging and costly to aggregate. Compliance also varies drastically across borders, making a patchwork of vendors unwieldy. Not only that, this multi-vendor approach is expensive, complicated, and makes for an unpredictable customer experience. Without a streamlined approach, implementation is challenging and organizations may struggle to aggregate volume and pricing, or research results in a timely manner.

Optimizing Global Data for Unrivaled Coverage

Consolidating to one single vendor with an end-to-end approach not only means better coverage, but also covers other areas of your business such as fraud detection, global watchlist screening, and document verification.

Socure Verify is part of Socure’s streamlined approach to compliance. To support our customers’ global growth, we recently enhanced our Socure Verify solution to enable identity coverage in 44+ countries and counting. Verify unlocks passive verification of names, dates of birth, addresses and national IDs worldwide — all through a single, scalable solution. With equitable inclusion and localized cultural knowledge built in, organizations avoid excluding underserved demographics.

Data coverage is a continual process, and international coverage is no exception. We carefully vet these data sources to balance coverage, cost, and compliance. Our international coverage now includes:

  • Up to 88% coverage in UK
  • Over 51% coverage in France
  • More than 69% coverage in Italy
  • Rising coverage globally

Address translations also now support 8 language scripts, including: Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Arabic, Kanji, Chinese, Hangul, and Thai. This brings our native screening support to more than 200 writing systems.

Enhanced Verification Drives Higher Auto-Approvals

In addition to expanded coverage, Socure Verify+ now includes enriched identity elements like email, phone, SSN issue date and source category, and recency date for all attributes returned. With more verification signals to work with, businesses can make faster and more accurate automated approvals. Socure has also loosened input requirements for flows like SSN verification, enabling true PII inputs to support progressive KYC.

Coverage at a glance

Coverage at a glance

Seamless Growth, Limitless Possibility

With Socure, companies can confidently verify customer identities anywhere to drive revenue growth worldwide. With 98% less manual reviews and 30% more auto-approvals, streamlined global IDV unlocks new potential to thrive across borders. And because compliance is built into our solutions, Socure Verify is designed to satisfy even the most rigorous international regulations.

Whether accepting payments from the UK, seeking a Gibraltar gaming license, or executing Canada/Mexico business trades, Socure arms you with the definitive verification coverage needed to confidently transact worldwide.

Growth opportunities abound for global business. With Socure, any company can verify international identities in real-time – no matter where users are located. Seamless global verification is now a reality.

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*Note: Stats are achieved by referencing a random sample of historical international customer traffic. Actual production stats may vary customer to customer, based on application quality and traffic regions.

Arpitha Gadag

Arpitha Gadag is the Senior Product Manager for Socure’s KYC suite of solutions. Her team focuses on driving inclusive and equitable access to a diverse array of products, while ensuring an accurate identity verification experience. Arpitha has been in the identity space for 5+ years.