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Inquisitiveness is an intrinsic value at Socure, and we’re always learning more about what makes our team members tick. Our SoCurious blog series explores how we’re working together to eliminate identity fraud and highlights the many people essential to driving growth, innovation, and our unique culture at Socure.

Today we’re SoCurious about: Rita Moore, Sales Enablement Manager!

Career Journey

Rita has background experience working on a design team, product management, a solutions manager at IBM, leading workshops at Home Depot, and was even a teacher (special education, science, and history)! She was interested in her next career change, and noted “I’m open to a new opportunity” on LinkedIn. Perfectly enough, the opportunity fell right into her inbox when one of Socure’s recruiters sent her a message.

Rita chose Socure because she firmly stands behind the Socure mission: to be the single source of trusted identity and eliminate identity fraud. She noted, “In today’s environment, there is an incredible amount of shady individuals and fraud happening in the world.”

What it’s Like to be a Sales Enablement Manager at Socure

As a sales enablement manager, Rita’s job is to make sure the sales team has all of the information and training—conducted through Socure University—that they need to be successful. Rita and her team are heavily focused on building content for Socure University, and she and her team are excited to see where it goes.

Rita says she “loves coming up with new ideas and solutions” at Socure and she felt best always “being involved in some type of training,” which is a perfect match for a Sales Enablement Manager. What drove it home for Rita was meeting the team and getting to know the people who work with the company.

The Projects and Culture that Inspire Rita

Rita works alongside her partner-in-crime, Jeff Scheidel, on Socure University and Rita notes she’s very much enjoyed “taking on Socure’s level one training and revamping it.” When Rita joined Socure, the level one training was geared towards the Sales team, but her and Jeff’s vision for Socure University has expanded to include all Socureans. This inclusive Socure University approach enables all employees to learn an abundance of information about the company and products, and being a part of this initiative is very meaningful to Rita.

Ever since Rita’s been with Socure, she’s seen tremendous growth on the team and improvement on processes within the company. She loves that the culture is heavily focused on learning, and that the people are kind and knowledgeable. She also appreciates how much the company values its employees. Rita is excited by the momentum of Socure and the energy behind new product launches, saying “it’s a great time to join the team!”

Beyond Socure

One of Rita’s favorite things to do after work is curl up with her iPad and watch a ton of Youtube travel videos. She cherishes family time, where they “love to watch Disney+ and Marvel.” Rita also finds comfort playing around in the garden to see what she can grow and loves getting creative in her art studio.

Michelle Fernandez
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Michelle Fernandez

Michelle Fernandez

Michelle joined Socure in 2018, and is a Recruiter for the Talent Team. Michelle is a New Jersey native, and is excited to continue watching Socure grow. When not working, she is an avid traveler, enjoys cooking, playing video games, and loves spending time with her partner and their fur babies.