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At Socure, details matter and delivering quality work is in our DNA—and for Nate Schneemann, Director of Solution Consulting at Socure, hard work and constant improvement are top priorities. 

Nate and the Solution Consulting team partner with clients to develop and enhance their risk, compliance, and identity programs and their broader business in general. The end goal? Understanding clients’ unique business challenges and designing data-driven optimizations, all in order to successfully deliver leading solutions and capabilities for Socure’s customers and partners. 

Socure’s Solution Consulting team engages directly with Socure’s broad customer base and prospective partners to understand their key, risk, compliance and business challenges and to design data driven optimizations in partnership towards solving hard problems.  The Solution Consulting team works with a broader team of experts: SMEs, engineers, delivery experts and skilled data analysts and data scientists on the Client Analysis team to deliver success for Socure’s customers and partners via Socure’s leading solutions and capabilities.  The teams are driven by Socure’s aim for 100% accuracy in digital identity verification. 

A Team-First Mindset

As a lifelong ice hockey player, team-driven wins are a key focus for Nate. The connection between team sports and the world of advancing security and financial inclusivity is tangible.  “We’re all part of a big team…and in the fraud space, there are good guys and bad guys.” Nate also notes that “in other industries it might not be as clear cut, where there’s definitely a bad target.”

In this sense, Solution Consulting is truly a team sport, as the Solution Consultants work together day to day with customers, prospective partners and the broad set of Socure experts, including software engineers, data analysts, and data scientists on the Client Analysis team. 

A highly competitive nature to build the best solutions and improve is intrinsic to Socure’s culture, as Socureans constantly come up with fresh ideas and solutions to ultimately chase and achieve perfection. Looking back on his journey to Socure, Nate notes that he was drawn to the field of fraud detection and identity verification, noting how rapidly these markets are expanding and how intriguing he finds the possibility of completely eliminating fraud. Socure’s purpose of solving hard and important challenges and competitive passion for helping our customers improve were key reasons Nate was excited to Join the Socure Team.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Beginning with his background in working on the FI side of the industry, Nate segued into financial crime prevention at a startup, where he’s been focused on fraud, risk and compliance mitigation and technology for over 10 years. Connected to Socure through work in the field, he admired Socure’s having a tangible and measurable impact, and recognized the opportunity to join the team as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After joining Socure in June 2021, Nate immediately gelled with Socure’s collaborative spirit. Every day, Nate is inspired by the broad teams he works with to collaborate on data-driven solutions for customers. He loves the culture that drives Socureans to collaborate and create impactful solutions with the most competitive edge in the fraud space. 

As Socure continues to evolve at an incredible rate, what’s next for Nate and the Solution Consulting team? In true Socurean form, Nate highlights “collaborating and deepening knowledge.” Socureans continuously challenge each other to up-level and investigate developing areas within the fraud space, to “make it easier to do what we do and to collaborate.”

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Katie O'Sullivan
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Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan (she/her & they/them) is a Recruiting Coordinator on the Talent team at Socure. Located in the Midwest, Katie flourishes most in dynamic, fast-moving creative environments and loves opportunities to meet new people, find new perspectives, and write to the heart's content — which is what SoCurious is all about! When free time arises, Katie enjoys reading novels and finding bookstores around the Midwest.