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“We can control our own destiny.” 

This profoundly determined mindset is part of what makes Socure unique—in our journey toward 100% accuracy in identity verification, it takes a special combination of grit and curiosity to succeed. 

Socure’s culture is centered around the idea of constant learning, placing a high value on curiosity and connecting the dots that others might not see. Laura McGuinn, Senior Technical Account Manager at Socure, embodies this intense commitment to cultivating knowledge and considering questions from multiple perspectives. 

From a young age, Laura’s curiosity has resulted in out-of-the-box thinking. Laura recalls that as a three year old, she loved putting together puzzles that her mother bought—then when she got bored, she turned the pieces over and put the puzzle together again without seeing the picture. 

Falling In Love with Information Technology

Laura’s fierce curiosity reached new heights when she first laid hands on a computer (a TRS-80, to be exact). She and her classmates created their high school’s first Computer Club in their computer science lab. From there, it was only a matter of time before Laura fell in love with Information Technology.

Driven by her passion for non-stop learning, Laura completed her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Western Governors University. The month she started her degree, she also started a new job at an e-commerce fraud solutions company. Laura credits her husband as an immense support during this time, as he stayed at home with their two kids and homeschooled them. For Laura, the support of her family, along with “staying on track and having a goal in mind,” meant that she finished her program in just two years. 

As Socure’s success revolves around the idea of “never stop learning,” Laura’s inquisitive mind and communicative work style have made her a natural fit with the Technical Account Management (TAM) team. Technical Account Managers at Socure are responsible for, in Laura’s words, looking at models from a user perspective and thus enabling Socure’s customers to confidently launch their products. 

Enabling New Markets to Evolve into Mature Markets

Laura works with the Emerging Markets/Government Pod within the Technical Account Management department—essentially a team within a team. In their pod, Laura and her crew focus on Emerging Markets, Public Sector, and new Socure products. 

In this exciting, dynamic branch of Technical Account Management, Laura is bringing customer obsession, a core principle at Socure, to another level, testing Socure’s product from all possible angles to achieve product integrity and precision. Laura and her pod’s ultimate goal is to “have repeatable tested and collaborative processes to enable new markets to evolve into mature markets.” 

For Laura, this is the most exciting part of working at Socure, “witnessing our customers find efficiencies and success while implementing Socure’s products. It’s deeply satisfying to help customers learn they can trust the data provided by Socure.”

A Step Above the Competition

The end result of this creative drive and ambitious development? 100% accuracy in the digital identity space. Laura recalls that this aspect of Socure’s mission is what really drew her in: “Socure’s AUC, or area under the curve—it’s basically our model’s accuracy. Nobody has ever gotten close to this accuracy. Even as we move through different versions of our models, there’s just nobody out there that compares.”

Being candid and bringing your most genuine self to the table are essential traits for any Socurean. For Laura, no matter what challenges come in her professional or personal life, she continues to bring her authentic self to the table. “I don’t have too many tricks,” she says, emphasizing how selflessness and authenticity are essential to building an open, creative, and constructive team environment. “We’re learning together,” Laura says, “so communicate as often and as freely as you can.”


Katie O'Sullivan
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Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan (she/her & they/them) is a Recruiting Coordinator on the Talent team at Socure. Located in the Midwest, Katie flourishes most in dynamic, fast-moving creative environments and loves opportunities to meet new people, find new perspectives, and write to the heart's content — which is what SoCurious is all about! When free time arises, Katie enjoys reading novels and finding bookstores around the Midwest.