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Inquisitiveness is an intrinsic value at Socure, and we’re always learning more about what makes our team members tick. Our SoCurious blog series will explore how we’re working together to eliminate identity fraud, and highlight the many people essential to driving growth, innovation, and our unique culture at Socure.

We’re SoCurious about: Jainik Purohit, Staff Engineer


Jainik is a staff engineer at Socure and serves as the technical lead for the automation team based in NYC. He is responsible for building and delivering best-in-class platforms to automate the workflow of our internal teams and empower our data scientists, engineers and others.

Career journey

Jainik’s knack for problem solving, combined with his interest in computers naturally drew him towards a career in software engineering. Like many in the profession, he loved the idea of being able to build things and learning new programming languages seemed to come easily to him.

After graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Gujarat Technological University, Jainik began his career in India as an associate engineer before moving permanently to the United States. With the help of senior mentors at Spirent Communications (a global telecom), Jainik continued to build up his confidence and knowledge, taking ownership over bigger projects. His next career move would land him at Socure, where he joined the NYC team as a senior engineer in December 2018.

Why Socure?

One of the early draws to Socure for Jainik was the opportunity to build products and solve a novel problem using unfamiliar, cutting-edge technologies. According to Jainik, “Everything was new for me from day one, and it meant that I needed to learn fast to keep up.”

Moving up: from senior to staff engineer

Within a few months at Socure, Jainik’s role evolved from a focus on writing and delivering code to incorporate responsibilities often assigned to staff-level engineers. Jainik became involved in high-level spec and architecture design, requirement negotiation with technical stakeholders and project planning.

Additionally, Jainik was exposed to one of the most critical aspects of being a technical lead at Socure: empowering junior engineers. He believes it is important to take the time early on to understand junior engineers’ career aspirations, ensure they have the resources to work autonomously and make himself available to help should they run into any blockers.

By the time Jainik was officially promoted to a staff engineer one year into his time at Socure, he could prioritize tasks to stay true to the roadmap and had gained the implicit trust of his peers.

Proudest accomplishment at Socure 

When Jainik joined Socure, he was part of a lean team of four engineers which made it easy to share ideas in real-time. However in the past 1.5 years, the global engineering team has grown from 3 to 30.

In addition to building scalable software and contributing to the team culture, one of Jainik’s proudest accomplishments has been defining critical processes for all engineers to adhere, from code reviews to maintaining security. These processes have ensured that the “foundation” of Socure’s engineering organization has been built and can scale easily while following best practices along the way.

Advice for new software engineers

In an industry with many potential career tracks, Jainik’s advice to young engineers is to “Grow in the moment.” He recommends that junior engineers focus on staying inquisitive, brainstorming ways to innovate and asking themselves questions like: How can I better design or develop this feature, this line of code, this product? He believes they should consider themselves “owners” of their work and get comfortable using their voice to contribute ideas and communicate areas of interest and growth.

You can see Jainik’s Stack Overflow profile here.

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Sean Lin

Sean Lin

Sean joined Socure as a recruiting partner to technical leadership in Engineering, Data Science, and DevOps, and has helped Socure to triple their employee headcount over the past 18 months. In her free time, Sean enjoys spending time outdoors (hiking, kayaking, running), reading and convincing people that instant coffee is a legitimate source of caffeine.